Valentine IX: 50 RTR and the coaxial issue

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    Reading Stephen Hamilton's 50th Royal Tank Regiment: A complete history and came across the interesting story of the first Valentine IX 6pdrs and their major design flaw: a lack of coaxial machine gun.
    Here's how the history outlines the issue and the solution attempted:
    Not surprisingly this issue was remedied in later marks!
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  2. Chris C

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    Quite the odd expedient!

    It is strange - maybe I am missing something - how the first conclusion regarding the 6 pounder was that it was not possible to fit it in the Valentine. Then it was - or did they alter the gun? Then there was no room for a machine gun. Then they found room - how?
  3. Orwell1984

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    "Into the Vally" by Dick Taylor is a good reference for this. In simple steps, before the Mark IX, the Valentine was fitted with a three man two-pounder turret. When the decision was taken to mount the six-pounder, the turret front was redesigned and it reverted to a two man turret to fit the gun, a quick fix so to speak to get six-pounders in action. For the Mark X another redesign of the mantlet took place to mount a BESA coaxial. Essentially a lot of measures taken due to limits to turret size and needing to get something into action sooner rather than later.
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    I believe the reinstated coax went into a rather lightly-armoured 'cowling', possibly outboard of the trunnion.
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    Yes, the right side of the mantlet was restructured so what is called an 'armoured cowl' was created to hold the coaxial. It is descibed as producing a 'prominent bulge' on the outside of the turret and being proof only against 7.92 mm point blank (Taylor p45)

    Here it is on a Mark X.

    for comparison here's a Mark I with coaxial setup:
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    This extract from a report ‘Points of Interest Arising from Operations’ by Brigadier G. W. Richards (23rd Armd Bde) mirrors this account and adds a further criticism of the Mk IX with respect to the provision for smoke.


    Canadian Military Headquarters, London : T-17842 - Héritage
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    The correspondence I posted earlier makes me wonder how they got the 6-pounder into a Valentine turret at all...
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