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    I have been looking to see if anyone else was going to remind us that today is VJ Day. I actually went to a small local memorial service this morning. Not many there as the local branch of Burma Star Assoc has had to close.
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    Always remembered by Dad, but just a visit to the local church.
    This is the day that many of the POWs noticed the Japanese guards started to behave "strangely".
    Many slaving routines changed, and guards relaxed their brutality.
    Rumours abounded, but few had anything confirmed for several days.

    Just the beginning of the end.

    Hundreds still died through starvation and disease over the next few weeks though. That must be one of the hardest facts to know that a loved one died after the war was over. Several even died when the Americans dropped oil drums with emergency food supplies, and the parachutes failed to open. On Formosa one drum crashed through a hospital roof and killed 3 men.

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    I have been flicking through some RAAF unit histories (ORBs) recently and attached are a few pages showing the reactions at a couple of squadrons to the end of hostilities.

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  4. TTH

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    Absolutely nothing has been made of VJ day here, I am sorry to say.
  5. Rich Payne

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    Five years on, this forum doesn't seem to have mentioned VJ Day at all this year...

    Lest we Forget.
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  6. Owen

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    I have to admit to never knowing when VJ Day is unless I read about it on here.
  7. Enigma1003

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    COFEPOW held their service at the NMA on Sunday which was well attended.
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  8. bamboo43

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    It does seem to sneak by most years. Perhaps it is just a continuation of the Forgotten Army.
  9. Drayton

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    It does not sneak by for those who remember the original VJ Day, just as we shall never forget the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki days previously:

    Brothers and sisters, we must watch and take care
    That the third atom bomb never comes.

    Ishigu Astu, translated by Ewan McCall
  10. Ron Goldstein

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    This, from my original posting on the BBC PEOPLE'S war;

    VJ DAY
    Tuesday 14th August 1945
    I remember the day well even though I’ve long since lost the original diary entry. Our Squadron was in Trieben in Austria at the time, ,controlling the roads leading into Germany and I had just come off the road-block guard in the early afternoon.
    I was changing from my guard uniform into more comfortable gear when I heard the wireless in the next room creating quite a racket.
    I went next door to see what was going on and found myself the only one there.
    I realised that my mates were probably eating dinner in the mess-hall and that they must have been listening earlier and had then left the set on.
    It was VE Day all over again. The announcer back in London was describing the noisy scene as tens of thousands of jubilant servicemen and civilians swarmed the streets. As on VE Day I felt no emotion at all, if anything, I probably felt like a kid who had not been invited to a party and who was now watching the lucky ones coming home with their party bags.

    The short explanation was that the end of the war had come too late for my older brother Jack, G-d rest his soul. On the 11th of May, just three days after VE Day, I had received a letter from home telling me that Jack, who was an Air-Gunner, had been shot down over Nuremberg on the last such raid of the war.
    The loss to his widow, his two young children and to all of our family was as incalculable then as it is today some fifty odd years later and our family was never to be the same again.

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