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Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by Karen Hicks, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Karen Hicks

    Karen Hicks New Member

    Hi. I'm Karen Hicks and I live in Saltash. I've joined as I am interested in finding information on my Grandfather's service during WW2
  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Welcome to the forum .
    I hope the members can help you with your research.
  3. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Hi Karen and welcome aboard

    The one and only place to start is to obtain his service records, these are held by the MOD and the link to the forms is here Request records of deceased service personnel

    There are some web sites whose title infers that they have them but they do not.

    Once you have his files start a new thread for him and upload images so we can help you decipher his records

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  4. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Hello Karen and welcome to the forum.

    While you apply/wait for copy records, Post a New Thread under Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy and tell us what you know already, adding photos etc if you have any. The membership will help if there's anything useful to comment on.

    Good luck with your research.
  5. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Welcome Karen.

    We can't predict what the army records will show, but as dbf says we may be able to tease out possibilities and probabilities from any known fact.
  6. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Welcome aboard Karen.
  7. Pat Atkins

    Pat Atkins Patron Patron

    Welcome to the Forum!

  8. Dave55

    Dave55 Very Senior Member

  9. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    welcome to the forum

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