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    View attachment 308469 Some great full page pullouts where the pictures have stayed crystal clear over the years because being folded. A small article on how Italy was successfully moving against Greece. That is what is the cool thing about these newspaper clippings. You know now what the end result will be but back then history was still not written.
    10/17/40,10/24/40,10/25/1940,10/27/1940,10/29/1940 & 10/31/1940
    10-20-1940.JPG 10-25-1940.JPG
    10-25-1940-1.JPG 10-27-1940-1.JPG 10-27-1940-3.JPG 10-27-1940-4.JPG 10-27-1940-5.JPG 10-29-1940.JPG 10-29-1940-1.JPG 10-29-1940-2.JPG 10-29-1940-3.JPG
    10-29-1940-4.JPG 10-29-1940-5.JPG
    10-31-1940.JPG 10-31-1940-1.JPG
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    This is a booboo. Greece also had the Kilkis and Lemnos until they was sunk by the Germans on April 23, 1941

    Greek battleship Kilkis - Wikipedia

    Greek battleship Lemnos - Wikipedia
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    11-3-1940 & 11-5-1940. I think this is the first time I have seen pilots from the BoB saved in his books. Interesting that names are not being used?
    11-3-1940.JPG 11-3-1940-2.JPG

    11-5-1940.JPG 11-5-1940-1.JPG
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    I can ID one of them.

    Squadron Leader Brian 'Sandy' Lane DFC, CO of No. 19 Squadron, standing in front of a Spitfire at Fowlmere, 21 September 1940.

    THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN 1940. © IWM (CH 1391)
    IWM Non Commercial License
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    11/16/1940,11/17/1940,11/18/1940,11/19/1940 & 11/21/1940. Interesting read regarding Victoria Cross award and also the releasing of B17s and B24s to the UK. Also as always some great maps especially the one showing the job facing Britain's Navy.
    11-16-1940.JPG 11-17-1940.JPG
    11-17-1940-2.JPG 11-17-1940-3.JPG 11-18-1940.JPG 11-18-1940-2.JPG
    11-19-1940.JPG 11-21-1940.JPG
    11-21-1940-2.JPG 11-21-1940-3.JPG 11-21-1940-4.JPG
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    11/22/40,11/23/40,11/24/40 & 12/7/40
    11-22-40-1.JPG 11-22-40-3.JPG
    11-22-40-2.JPG 11-24-40-5.JPG

    11-24-40-6.JPG 11-24-40-6a.JPG
    11-24-40-7.JPG 11-24-40-7a.JPG
    12-7-40-1.JPG 11-23-40-1.JPG
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    12/9/40,12/10/40,12/11/40,12/12/40,12/13/40,12/14/40,12/15/40 & 12/16/40
    12-9-40-1.JPG 12-9-40-2.JPG 12-9-40-3.JPG 12-10-40-1.JPG
    12-10-40-2.JPG 12-10-40-3.JPG 12-11-40-1.JPG
    12-11-40-2.JPG 12-11-40-3.JPG 12-11-40-4.JPG 12-12-40-1.JPG 12-13-40-1.JPG
    12-13-40-2.JPG 12-14-40-1.JPG 12-15-40-1.JPG 12-16-40-1.JPG 12-16-40-2.JPG

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    Happy Holidays and a safe New Years to all.
    12/17/40,12/22/40,12/27/40,12/29/40 & 12/30/40
    An interesting map showing production of oil.
    12-17-40-1.JPG 12-22-40-1.JPG 12-22-40-2.JPG 12-22-40-3.JPG 12-27-40-1.JPG 12-27-40-2.JPG 12-27-40-3.JPG
    12-29-40-1.JPG 12-29-40-2.JPG
    12-29-40-3.JPG 12-30-40-1.JPG
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    Everyone, a safe and Happy New Year!
    1-1-41-1.JPG 1-1-41-2.JPG
    1-1-41-3.JPG 1-1-41-4.JPG 1-1-41-5.JPG
    1-1-41-6.JPG 1-2-1-41-1.JPG 1-2-1-41-2.JPG 1-2-1-41-3.JPG 1-3-41-1.JPG 1-3-41-2.JPG
    1-3-41-3.JPG 1-3-41-4.JPG 1-3-41-5.JPG 1-3-41-6.JPG 1-4-41-1.JPG
    1-4-41-2.JPG 1-4-41-3.JPG
    1-4-41-4.JPG 1-4-41-8.JPG 1-5-41-3.JPG 1-5-41-1.JPG 1-5-41-2.JPG 1-5-41-4.JPG 1-5-41-5.JPG 1-6-1-41.JPG
    1-7-41-1.JPG 1-7-41-2.JPG

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    1/18/41,1/20/41,1/21/41,1/23/41,1/24/41 & 1/25/41
    1-18-41-1.JPG 1-20-41-1.JPG
    1-21-41-1.JPG 1-21-41-2.JPG 1-21-41-3.JPG
    1-23-41-1.JPG 1-23-41-2.JPG 1-24-41-1.JPG
    1-24-41-2.JPG 1-25-41-1.JPG
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