US units in Holland 1944-1945

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    For my new job, I have to set up a library for this looking for a good book list, best would ofcourse be the unit histories or good personal accounts, I know one or two Divisions that were in Holland but any information about any units beside of course the Airborne units would be most welcome, also any recommendable books are welcome
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    Here is a link to the Timberwolves official site (104th Infantry Division). There is some information on it about recommended books.

    104th Infantry Division Home Page

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    Thanks for that
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    The following U.S. Divisions has took part in the liberation of the Netherlands:

    1 INF DIV
    30 INF DIV
    35 INF DIV
    75 INF DIV
    95 INF DIV
    104 INF DIV

    82 AB DIV
    101 AB DIV

    2 ARM DIV
    7 ARM DIV
    8 ARM DIV

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