US Practice Bombs dropped on Essex Town

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    I posted this on another thread ref. V bombs/rockets.
    I assume Aircraft from Gosfield or Sudbury US airbases .
    Seems fairly careless to drop practice bombs one directly on Town and others on surrounding farms.
    Just how explosive were "practice" bombs' if one damaged 280 properties ?
    As the article at the time asks "How". Was this coverup for accidents with bomb loads.

    Where would the nearest practice bombing range be?

  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Might answer your question.

    Practice Bombs of WWII

    © Jerry Penry


    The M382A practice bomb was widely used during training missions over targets in isolated areas. It simulated a General Purpose bomb of the same size and weight. The color of this practice bomb was a powder blue color to quickly differentiate it was a live bomb. Construction was a light sheet metal forming a cylinder for the main portion with a square box tail fin assembly. At the base, or fin end of the cylinder, a spotting charge was inserted.



    Several 10lb & 11.5lb WWII Practice Bombs recovered from UK Airfield
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    Thank you CL1
    I think that that confirms my suspicions that the incidents were actually accidental drops of live bombs by the damage they caused..

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