'Urban Myths' We Heard of WW2 ?

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by Steve G, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Monty saying that we had "by far the better tanks" , I thnk he hasd his fingers crossed when he said that one.

    The Ark Royal has been sunk - one from the Jerries.
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    Oh dear god. I've just come away from watching the first disc of " Auschwitz: The Nazis & the Final Solution " FFS! So, most definitely, at Treblinka, the poor b*stards were promised a nice shower :)( / :mad: <--- I'm really not sure which to use. Both seems best just now!)

    Forgive me taking it to technicalities but; Anything approaching a mock 'shower' system would suggest some form of pumping apparatus. At Auschwitz they were said to have dropped it through a hatch in the roof.

    I'm sat here, trying to stop my mind going into complete turmoil. One part of me's tending to say, " They were gassed as I'd be loathe even to gas rats. What more does one Need to know? ". While the other side is telling me that we Must know the nitty gritty. Because, the moment we begin leaving bits out of our knowledge is the moment we begin to allow the over all 'memory' to be eroded.

    It's not late. I'm not tired. I seriously think I could use a rest from this particular aspect of it all.

    Where's Andy? Andy? Any particular episode from " A Century of Warfare " ye'd like to discuss, mate? How about Korea? What ever. You call it, I'll watch it. We can discuss it. Only 'Auschwitz' is about to kick off on Mengele and I don't think I can take that just now!
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    ...did you expect a different effect when watching an Auschwitz film on a Monday (and in general, of course)...?

    Anyway, I must dig up the book where I read about the guys pouring Zyklon B into the gas chambers, you might find something interesting there (yah English book this time)
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    Less of your lip, BG! :lol: Answering ye PM right now. Just saying; I can't wait for that PS2 to arrive. I need a bit of escapism. All this BBC stuff's just SO Good, it's like Too good! Astonishingly realistic. I think I've just over dosed on it all for a bit.
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    If you have not seen it before Steve it is an assult on the senses.
    The computer generated images of the interiors of the gas chambers and the way they just rise from the foundations , as do the missing wooden huts in the male section of the camp - it forces you see what this place was - a glimpse of hell made by the hand of man.

    The destruction of so many people is hard to believe but between Treblinka and Birkenau they were in terms of the camp system the engines of death.
    The method may have differred slightly but they have their genesis in T4 , the people who Globocnik asked for.

    Birkenau served two purposes the provisionof slave labour and the destruction of those who could not work , the journey to that final phase of its existance and the parallel decision making process is a remarkable journey for the leadership of any society to make , even one at war.
    The series brings this out very well , just asit illustrates the parallel worlds which existed between the inmates and SS , how they interfaced and co existed.

    These photos Steve put names to the dead , some of them.
    The Archbishop Williamson and those who say this did not happen , these children accuse them from beyond the grave - this is what they deny - when you look at them with the knowledge we possess and consider what they went to - within a few hours these children would be dead , murdered.
    These photos again come from "The Auschwitz Album" published by Yad Vashem in co operation with the Auschwitz State.
    The old woman with three children walking towards Kremas 2 and 3 is often seen and it has come to symbolise the genocide and the inhumanity which allowed it to take place.

    The fatherless family en route to death look at the stride of the young boy - he has no idea what awaits him being killed is the last thing on his mind ,this is an abomination we are viewing.

    The group of people standing and sitting in the Birch wood.

    the boy left in the forground , star of david on his coat , cap on his head - he is Reven Vogel , next to him is his brother Gershon, to Gershon right ( kneeling) is Laja Vogel (nee Mermelstein).

    The little girl I have enlarged - she is Gerti Mermelstein , what age perhaps 3-4 years of age (?) , her sister sits next to her and beside her , their mother, to her mother's left is Tauba Mermelstein , Gerti's grandmother.

    The SS man who took the photograph looking at this child knew what fate awaited her - he knew she was to die that same day and the circumstances of her death and how her body would be reduced in the most undignified fashion to ashes to be dumped in one of the nearby ponds or into the Sola river which runs nearby.
    This is the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem" this is what it was - the "Glorious page in our history which can never be written" - thi is what Himmler called it , murder is a less compromising description.


    This photograph was taken outside Krematorium 2 looking toward Krema Unit 3.

    We are told (By revisionists) that these were morgues - yet they do not give any explaination as to why they are surrpunded by electrified barbed wire fences orientated so as to keep people in.
    As the dead do not climb fences it can only be reasonable to consider that people came to these places alive.
    No explaination is given why steps lead down to the "morgue" ( did the dead walk in ?) , nor to gas detectors , gas proof doors , an order for dummy shower heads and an extractor system , no reason is given why morgues were preheated.

    In the photograph.
    The small girl on the left looking over the lapel of the first boy - Iboja Hoffmann from Bodrogkeresztur.
    Looking over the lads head , her aunt Lena Egri holding Ruth - Iboja's sister.
    On the right -= third adult from the right Malwin Hoffman Iboja and Ruth's mother.
    Second from the rigth Piroska Saza lena adn malwin's sister, in her arms her daughter and by her side Karcsi - her son.

    Again the SS man taking the photo knew where they were going and that they would be gassed.
    What you are seeing is the by product of slave labour - genocide - "the useless eaters".
    This is how these two now fatherless famailies were viewed , useless mouths which had to die.

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    In reply to Steve Gs thread on urban myths the first question concerning throwing babies in the air to be caught on the bayonets of German soldiers sounds horrifyingbut I remember seeing a photograph of a German soldier in the centre pages of a newspaper possibly the Daily Mirror and it would probably be around 1940/1 with a baby on the end of his bayonet and the bayonet was dug into the door at about knocker height remember this time of the war this country was getting over the aftermath of the retreat from Dunkirk (so G H you will not get any flak from me about calling it a victory) the implication I would think behind the photograph was to whip up a hatred for all things German and put fire in the belly of the nation remembering we needed some good news from somewhere so maybe it was propaganda.

    Regards niccar

    Perhaps that was the isolated incident Steve referred to?

    Regarding Stalingrad, thanks for all the replies, I think its safe to say the invasion had nothing to do with Hitlers hatred for Stalin's name being on the city?
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    Roosevelt 'let Pearl Harbour Happen'.
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    good day steve g,10th.feb.2009.01:22am.re:urban myths we heard of ww2.thank you for a very interesting thread,you can read this horror story.of death by the million.and the dogooders of the world say it never happened,as for urban myths during ww2,you will find these myths as you call them,only became public knowledge after the war to the general public.churchill ordered cencership on all unsettling news.he did not want the morale upset more than it was.stay well.regards bernard85
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    James -
    Corrections needed to your posting #25

    Your Archbishop Williamson..was NOT an Archbishop - merely a Bishop...

    He did NOT deny the Holocaust per se - only some aspect of the 6 million as SOME jewish groups have agreed with him and the subsequent count was lowered substantially

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    The Vickers machine gun belt is the origin of the phrase 'The whole 9 yards'.

    It isn't. the belt is 6 2/3yds long. If filled, it's shorter.
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