"Upminster bomb cemetery"

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    Can anyone tell the location of the Upminster bomb cemetery, all I know it was located in an old sand pit near RAF Hornchurch, as both of these places have gone I would still like to see where it was on Google maps
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    Butterfly Bomb - Wikipedia
    The last recorded death from a German butterfly bomb in England occurred on November 27, 1956, over 11 years after the end of the war: Flight Lieutenant Herbert Denning of the RAF was examining an SD2 at the "Upminster bomb cemetery" (some remote sandpits situated East of RAF Hornchurch, where explosive ordnance disposal experimental and research work took place) when it detonated. He died of shrapnel and blast injuries at Oldchurch Hospital the same day.

    Presumably somewhere near the M25/Golf Course/Thames Chase Forest Centre

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    Here's a quote from the book, Upminster: The Story Of A Garden Suburb, by Tony Benton where Gerpin's Lane is mentioned.

    Upminster The Story Of A Garden Suburb - Tony Benton.JPG

    Gerpins Lane, Upminister/ Hornchurch - Google Satellite View

    If you roam around there you will see a Recycling Centre. A number of sand and gravel pits in the area have come and gone over the years as they were worked out. For example here's a map from 1961 showing a large sand pit off Gerpins lane from old-maps.co.uk:

    1961 Map  Gerpins Lane.jpg

    The only one prior, from 1938, doesn't reveal much. Found here at Old Maps:

    Old-Maps - the online repository of historic maps - home page

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    Thanks, lads, I am reading the civilian bomb-disposing earl by Kerin Freeman and one of the areas mentioned was the Upminster bomb cemetery,
    Just interested to see where it was.
    Thanks once again.
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    After the Battle magazine No68 has a feature on RAF BD that mentions Hornchurch -

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