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  1. redtop

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    I have come across some 1939/40 copies of War illustrated ,The pictures quite dense black and white and the sheets very brownish with age.
    I have trid to scan and upload articles to the forum but the all come up as to large. I have tried saving in various modes to try to reduce the files but can only get down to 3.28 MB.
    Any suggestions please.
  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Use an online image resizer or just take a screen-snap of the image.
  3. Cee

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    Dumb question probably, but did you scan them in colour or B&W? If in colour did you convert them in a photo editor to grayscale? After that you can make changes in size and quality to suit your needs.

    The full War Illustrated magazines I've downloaded are about 11-14 mbs in size for 31 pages at 2550x3300 each

    The War Illustrated Archive from 1939 to 1947 is available here:


    It could save you a lot of mucking about. In that case you need a PDF viewer/reader that allows you to export single pages.

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  4. redtop

    redtop Well-Known Member

    Thank you both will give it all a try.
  5. redtop

    redtop Well-Known Member

    Thanks Cee Do not worry I am first to admit I am not Computer literate :D
    ,thought I had found something unique with War Illustrated. ,but no point in struggling to upload something readily avaliable
  6. Cee

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    By all means you should still upload - didn't mean to discourage you. I was just looking for an easy way than scanning. It may be readily available, but not many have taken the time to download and then go through all those editions. If you need anything just let me know by PM and I'll pass it along by email.

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  7. m kenny

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    Always make sure you scan a Black & white image in BW and not colour.
    A BW image scanned in colour is 3 times the mb size of the same image scanned in BW.
    Scan as a bitmap and then re-save as a jpg for a smaller version.
    100 dpi is passable for a small (600 x 600) photo but no good for text. At least 250 dpi I would say is needed.
    Do not go over the top and scan at 400+ dpi! Every increase of 100 dpi roughly doubles the mb size of the scan

    Can I just remind everyone scanning printed paper photos to enable the 'de-screening' option on your scanner to avoid moire patterns-those funny lines and squiggles that appear on the unscreened scans!
  8. redtop

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    This was to be posted in the Airborne thread.
    I scanned in black and white then used snipping tool which seems to work OK ( So far anyway),Needs magnifier to read print.

    Copy of print

    Top Picture
    This photo was taken when the Nazis were terrifying the people of Belgium by parachute troops .It shows parachutist descending from planes over a Belgian town.The two larger photographs in this page are among the first of this method of air invasion to reach this country.

    Bottom picture.
    A flight of parachutist reinforcements is descending on the snow clad countryside of Norway,The photograph reached London on July 11.1940 .Like others of the German Army in action ,it was radioed to America and brought by Clipper mail to Great Britain.

    Nazi parachute troops who have just landed are watching some dive-bombers at the fiendish work of spreading terror among helpless civilians.Work in which they will soon take part themselves

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  9. Cee

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    Way to go - that turned out pretty good no matter what steps you took to get there. I imagine the actual size of War Illustrated is larger than your scanning surface. It was interesting that the Fallschrimjager photos were first wired to the U.S. before making it to Great Britain. Clipper mail had me puzzled for awhile until I found the Boeing 314 Clipper.

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