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Discussion in 'Italy' started by jamesmurrow, Jun 10, 2014.

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    Here I think, San Miniato, just to the south:

    Google Maps

    44.205412, 11.503572
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    Looks like mystery solved. Well spotted, thanks Tony. I did my trip on foot, staying in the excellent Albergo Ristorante Gallo in the centre of Castel Del Rio. It was not easy to walk south of the town, however. Tried every way possible (including following the Santerno river) and was stopped in my tracks each time. Walking along the road was just too dangerous. I am still a bit nervous about driving in Italy but for independent battlefield touring, it is necessary to have a vehicle!
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    Castel Del Rio shelling evidence from War Diaries...281 Field Park Company were based here working on stone crushing, cutting corduroy and making trench boards, even experimenting with snow ploughs! They suffered casualties from the shelling on several occasions in late 1944. Here is an example extract from their War Diary:

    281 Field Park Company Castel Oct 44.jpg
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    78th Div CRA reports further damage in December...large number of vehicles destroyed, including 64 Anti-Tank office truck. I guess this is related to the photo posted above?
    78 Div CRA castel shelling.jpg
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    San Miniato from the perspective of 76th HAA Regt, who were converted from an AA role to a dual field and AA role. San Miniato 1.jpg San Miniato 2.jpg San Miniato 3.jpg San Miniato 4.jpg San Miniato 1.jpg San Miniato 2.jpg San Miniato 3.jpg San Miniato 4.jpg
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