'Unusual' T34 Deployment from train. DDR 1960

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by von Poop, Jan 21, 2016.

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    T34s & SUs, presumably showing off for the camera, but who knows - if you need 'em in that spot you need 'em, and maybe sod knackering the flatbeds, drivers, and potentially machines themselves:
    Bad music.
    Dismount is at 1:14, below link should go to that point:

    Via [twitter]ChurchillMKIII[/twitter] on Twitter.


    t34 train.JPG
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    Well, that's one way to speed up your Advance to Contact phase, although exposing the whole trainload of armour seems very risky indeed. Teasing glimpse in one shot of what looked like the tail rotor of a very big helicopter, possibly an Mi 6?


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    Now I’m really looking forward to seeing that footage "inadvertently" being used in reverse to help to prove what a superb war winning tank it was… “look how quick and easy it was to load them onto trains in order to get them rushed to the front…” :)


    It is a bit reminiscent though of a bit of WW1 era footage of a tank going over obstacles in trials. I remember once hearing a much later comment that after one particular stunt the crew inside were so knocked about they were all unconscious/knocked out, except for one chap who managed to still get out and shake someone like the king’s hand .The camera just kept rolling and it looked like a great publicity shot. I think this is it here:

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