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  1. Nick P

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    I wonder if the incredible, collective knowledge on here could suggest any possible unit this photo may be?

    The photo was sent as part of my ongoing research into the units involved in the liberation and initial humanitarian effort at Bergen Belsen.

    The sender is the son of one of the men (in the photo) who says he suffered terribly after the liberation which would indicate an early involvement.

    The sender (with the name O’Connell) does not know what unit it is and indicated the man suffered mentally for the rest of his short life - which he ended at the age of 51.


    My thoughts could be 58TH LIGHT ANTI-AIRCRAFT (ARGYLL & SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS) RA, but that is based purely on them being at Belsen rather than any evidence of uniforms/badges on the photo).

    Sadly not the best image and no insignias can really be identified although it is quite a large cap badge.

    It would be great to either discount this unit or suggest others. The distinctive background holds clues too, to a possible ID.
    Any help, suggestions or comments would be very welcome and thanks in advance.

    As a side note, several inmates from Belsen have stated they heard bagpipes upon the day of liberation, signalling the arrival of the Allies.
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    In the absence of any replies, I’ll add a few observations. Bear in mind I know next to nothing about Scottish regiments, so please correct me if necessary.

    On arms that are visible there is a badge. This appears to be that of the 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division. The ‘Mountain’ scroll was added in about 1942. That would discount 58 LAA Regt which was in 11 Armd Div.

    Infantry battalions in 52 Inf Div:
    7/9 Bn Royal Scots
    4 & 5 Bns King's Own Scottish Borderers
    5 & 6 Bns Highland Light Infantry
    4/5 Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers
    6 & 7 Bns Cameronians
    1 Bn Glasgow Highlanders​

    52 Inf Div Badge 2.jpg

    52 Inf Div Badges.jpg

    That would appear to discount the Royal Scots Fusiliers and the Cameronians.
    What is the significance of the headdress? Tam o’ shanter not the glengarry.
    Tartan on the kilts: not really clear enough.
    As Nick says, a distinctive building behind.
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  3. Nick P

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    Thanks for getting back. Very interesting observations very much appreciated.

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