Unknown pilot in Colditz

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    Hey there. this is my first posting on this forum so this whole thing is still new to me.

    Im trying to to find the indentity an RAF officer who was in both The Battle of Britain and was held in Colditz. All I have is P/O Lamb from 600 Squadron. does anyone know who this guy is?
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    The following is taken from 'Men of the Battle of Britain'

    Robert Lionel Lamb

    82718 P/O Air Gunner.

    Lamb joined 601 Squadron AuxAF in 1938 as an Aircrafthand (801349) called up on 24 August 1939 he began training as an air gunner with the squadron and in early 1940 he was sent to 5 BGS, Jurby for a gunnery course with other airman from 601.
    With the course completed they returned to the squadron at Tangmere to find that 601's Blenheims had been replaced by Hurricanes. In May these newly qualified air gunners were posted to 600 Squadron at Manston to replace men lost when the squadron lost five aircraft on a daylight raid on Waalhaven airfield Rotterdam on May 10.
    Lamb was commissioned from Corporal on June 14 1940 and served with the squadron until December 5, when he was posted to 256 squadron, then reforming at Catterick with Defiants.
    In the early hours of May 8 1941 Lamb, flying with P/O. D. Toone, shot down a He111 of III/KG 55. It crashed in the River Dee Marshes, Bagilt, Flintshire.
    Later in the war Lamb was with 35 (Pathfinder) Squadron, operating in Halifaxes from Graveley. After 23 operations his aircraft was shot down and Lamb was captured. At some time he was held in Stalag Luft III (Pow No.3490)
    Freed in May 1945, Lamb was released from the RAF in 1947, as a Squadron Leader. He died in 1992.

    Thanks to Amrit.

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    20-21 December 1943.

    No.35 Squadron.
    Halifax III HX328 TL-J.
    Op: Frankfurt.

    S/L. J. Sale.
    W/O. G H. Cross DFM.
    F/L. G H F. Carter RCAF.
    S/L. A J. Dowling.
    W/O. M. Rees.
    F/L. R L. Lamb.
    W/O. G. Carpenter.

    Took off 1729 hrs Graveley. On return to base and while preparing to land a Target Indicator caught fire. The order to bale out was given, but F/L. Lamb discovered the flames had destroyed his parachute. S/L. Sale promptly landed the blazing bomber and both scrambled clear just seconds before an explosion at 2217 hrs completely wrecked the aircraft.

    Bomber Command Losses Vol.4. W R> Chorley.
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    19-20 February 1944.

    No.35 squadron.
    Halifax III. HX325 TL-J.
    Op: Leipzig.

    S/L. D J. Sale DSO & Bar DFC. inj. ( Died of wounds 20 March )
    W/O. G H. Cross DFC DFM pow.
    S/L. G H F. Carter DFC & Bar RCAF pow.
    F/L. B O. Bodnar DFC RCAF pow.
    F/L. H J. Rogers DFC pow.
    F/L. R L. Lamb pow.
    F/S. K. Knight +.

    Took off 2351 hrs Graveley. Outbound at 20,000 feet intercepted and shot down by a Ju 88 whose fire set light to the rear overload tank. Partially abandoned and crash landed 0250 hrs south of Beedenbostel, 4 km NNE of Lachendorf.

    Bomber Command Losses Vol.5 W R. Chorley.
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    Thanks you guys. I think I'm going like it here.
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    Flight Engineer.

    Press Release.

    Flight Sergeant Cross is an outstanding Flight Engineer who has materially contributed to the safe return of his aircraft on many occasions. His wide technical knowledge and experience have often been of great assistance to his captain in securing a safe landing in a damaged aircraft. This airman has displayed keenness and the utmost gallantry and devotion to duty.

    LG 7.12.43.

    PM Sent

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