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  1. Tricky Dicky

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    The word on the machine near to his head is Generale so actually think it would more likely be French manufacture than German

  2. Uwe Sewing

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    It will probably not be a Wehrmacht trailer. As I said it was photographed in French, it will probably be a prey piece.
    On the top is the word "Generale" , could it be a main switch?
    Or is it the name of the manufacturer, but I didn't get any further along this path.
  3. Robert-w

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    Any looting of French industry was highly organised after the French surrender so having a trailer left on its own like that would be unlikely in the extreme. In reality most French industry was left in situ and incorporated into the 3rd Reich's war economy. Some new equipment was even delivered to France if it was for industry beneficial to the German war effort. In 1941 this involved some German machine tools and even included material obtained from the US.
  4. Uwe Sewing

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    Ich weiß, das hat schon mit der Annexion des Sudetenlandes, Böhmens, Mährens und der Slowakei begonnen.

    Zum Beispiel :

    Ökonomie und Expansion

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