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  1. TrevorHH

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    Researching Captain Jesse Frank jnr Combat Command B 1st US Armored Division who was killed in action near Anzio in Italy on 25th May 1944,and is commemorated on our local War Memorial in Wantage Oxfordshire (then Berkshire). He was very well regarded by all he served under and was the unit intelligence officer when he was killed. Here he is 2nd from right shortly before he died. I am trying to identify the captured Luftwaffe Officer seen second from left. A friend has identified the German Cross in Gold on his right chest below the Luftwaffe Eagle and a parachute award on his left side. He is also possibly a staff officer due to the white strip down the side of his trousers. But who is he? anyone any ideas? Many thanks

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  2. Temujin

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    Do you know the date that this photo may have been taken?? Or approx date, or location??
  3. TrevorHH

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    Well, it must be before 25th May 1944 and probably in Italy, as the 1st Armored were at Salerno and Anzio. Before that the unit was in North Africa taking part in the Torch landings and fighting in Tunisia. However Jesse Frank was a Lieutenant at that time and as you can see from this photo he is a Captain so most probably this photo was taken in Italy.
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    Judging by how bright his collar tabs are that is a Generalmajor and based on two of his awards he was old enough to have served in the First World War as a airman.
  5. Dave55

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    Great picture. Reminds me of the adage that the German Army looked like it was going to a parade, the British Army to an athletic field and the American Army to work.

    Related one is that the Germans built hunting rifles, the Americans built target rifles and the British built battle rifles.
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  6. PsyWar.Org

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    Could it be Kurt Mälzer?

  7. hucks216

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    No, he was a Generalleutnant in October 1943 and surrendered to the British on 8th May 1945. Wasn't a Fallschirmjäger either.
    If this was early-mid 1944 you wouldn't of thought that there would of been too many German Generalmajor's captured in Italy which should narrow things down.
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  8. Rich Payne

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    Are we sure that he hasn't captured the Americans ? They look lost.
  9. Gary Tankard

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    There aren't many Luftwaffe generals especially ones without a Knights Cross, at a certain age and (seemingly) captured by the Americans before the end of May 1944. They are all listed on wikipedia and none seem to match.

    However, I think the white tabs may indicate him being from Panzer Division 'Herman Goering' and not a Major-General. They were at Anzio for sure but the photo seems to indicate late spring/summer when they had been withdrawn. They were rushed south to Rome when the breakout started but 25th May is too early for them to have met 1st Armoured.

    However, elements were on Sicily where 1st Armored also fought. Was Jesse Frank a Captain on Sicily?
  10. Blutto

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  11. hucks216

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    In that case he would be a Major by the looks of the gull wing on his collar tabs (just stating that for those that might not be aware).

    If he won his DKiG with HG (and no guarantee that he did) then he is listed here although he could of won it when holding a lower rank.
    German Cross in Gold Holders of Panzer-Division Hermann Göring
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  12. Gary Tankard

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    All of those dates are post-Sicily apart from two lower ranks. He possibly could be here Division Hermann Göring but I doubt a DkiG in Tunisia would be awarded as soon as July 1943.

    Given he appears to have jump badge I would assume a staff officer transferred in from FJ at some point.

    Maybe try posting it on the FJ forum on WAF?
  13. hucks216

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    Could be worth a go.
  14. TrevorHH

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    Thank you all for comments so far. I am not aware of Jesse Frank being in Sicily. What is the FJ forum on WAF?
  15. Owen

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  16. hucks216

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    If you haven't paid a yearly subscription on the WAF you won't be able to post the picture.
  17. TrevorHH

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    hucks216 Thank you for letting me know I don't have a subscription. Therefore might not be worth me posting on there myself as have various subs on a variety of different genealogical and military sites and my only reason for posting on WAF would be to find out about this one particular German officer. Kind regards Trevor

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