Unknown German radio equipment.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by Jools Mckenna, May 19, 2018.

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    I've bought this about a year ago and would like to know what it is. radio.jpg radio behind.jpg
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  5. Harry Ree

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    Drucker is German for printer and drucken is translated as "press" or "print", Drucker also being a German surname.

    Interestingly, Peter Drucker was the management guru brought into FDR's wartime administration to advise FDR on the transformation of US industry from a peacetime to a wartime economy.
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    Now on ebay at £149++
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    Good luck, Jools.

    Plenty of military radio fiends out there.
    Recently discovered a mate's dad has a functioning Lancaster set (among others) in his attic shed.
  8. BC610E

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    I'd take a guess that was a standard hand microphone and was used for a variety of different German radio sets. The one sold on ebay had three wires, one for the audio, one to switch the transmitter to send and the third a return wire for audio and send. The Drucken button is what we now call "press to talk". "The Enemy Is Listening" appears on a wide range of transmitters used by the Germans.

    I had a look at "Wireless for the Warrior Compenium 5 - Signal Communication Equipment Used by Enemy Nations", which is a reprint of a British Ministry of Supply booklet dated 1944, but couldn't see a microphone like the one in question but then most of the photos are just of the radio sets and not the accessories.

    There were Lancaster radio sets on the air just last week to commerate the Dams raid see (or rather listen to!):-

    http://www.v-d-r.net/images/DAMS NET.mp3


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