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    The so called universal carrier was a great vehicle and as someone that drove one for the best part of the Africa to Austria campaign to us no other vehicle could have been the same we carried 4.2 mortars and Vickers machine guns and 56 recce also had them and they were probing enemy lines all the time so needed a reliable vehicle
    If I was to find a fault it would have to be if you shed a track it was a hard job to get the track back around the sprocket to repair the track and push the pin through the two sides of the track and put a normal split pin once you had engaged both sides cobbled roads were a bugbear they had a mind of their own then and it was a toss up where you would end up the steering wheel was no use .they were easy to get out off and the engine was easily accessible so all in all a great little vehicle we even drove them over the Alps into Austria

    Cheers niccar
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    Did the Universal Carrier serve with any units of the Commonwealth Division in the Korean war?
    Can't think I've seen any pics?
    EDIT: Ah, why didn't I check IWM first?

    [​IMG]Photographer: -

    Title: THE KOREAN WAR 1950 - 1953
    Collection No.: 5600-01

    Description: A British Universal Carrier moving along a road in Korea.
    Period: 1945 - 1975
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    Just bought History of 4th Indian Division.
    There is this amusing photo of a Universal Carrier in it.

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    Superb shot... I can feel a model coming on :D.
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    My Late father mentioned that his unit had Bren Universal carriers in the Recce early in the Italian campaign and they loved them. A real workhorse, but apparently they were replaced by American White scout cars. Dad said that they had four all named after the Musketeers! I seem to recall that they were fitted with a cannon. He also mentioned staghounds came later.


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    Illustrated London News 10 May 1941
    Illustrated London News 10 May 1941.jpg

    Attached Files:

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    After hostilities ceased in Italy there was much re-equipping of the Forces in the Trieste area.
    As part of this process, we lost our beloved Honey (Stuart Mk III) tank and were given a Universal carrier in it's place.
    I can't say i was much impressed by the replacement but i did admire it's maneuverability and you could literally "turn on a sixpence"
    Pic 31c Page 66  October Opicina  Bren Gun Carrier.jpg

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    Was recently at #2 (Starting at about 17mins in) on here:

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    20190314_134508.jpg Hi all
    Attached is a photo of 56th recce bren carriers entering Centuripe Sicily .
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    Gosh I love that photo Dave. It's a pity the men's faces aren't clearer.
    Where did you get that photo?

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    Pretty sure I posted this before in another thread, but still... the ultimate Christmas present!

    Carrier unpacked.jpg
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