Univ of Oxford - Appeal for contributions to WW1 archive

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    Thought that this was a great idea ... apologies if it has already been mentioned ... time is running out.

    Appeal for contributions to WW1 archive - University of Oxford

    "04 Mar 08
    Oxford University researchers are inviting the public to submit digital photographs or transcripts of personal World War I memorabilia, which may be hidden away in the cupboards and attics of their homes.

    Researchers are looking for artefacts, letters, diaries, poems and stories that may have been passed down from generation to generation.

    The search will continue for the next three months, and people can submit items as digital photographs via a website or take them to their local library for photographing or scanning.

    One-day events where people can learn more about the project and have their items scanned will be held over the next three months around the country. The first event will be held at the Oxford Town library on 10 March 2008, from 10am-4pm.

    An online archive will then be put together and launched on 11 November 2008, the 90th anniversary of the armistice. This resource, to be made available free of charge, will be aimed mainly at schools, colleges and universities.

    Project Director Dr Stuart Lee said: ‘Some of the items may be in a fragile condition after ninety years, and are at risk of being lost forever. However insignificant, each of these personal items has a part to play in helping today's generation to understand what World War I meant to ordinary people: the soldiers, their families and the workers back in Britain who kept the country going.’ "

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    Thank you for posting this. I'm already submitting photos of various British Great War medals from my collection.
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    That is great of you.

    I myself have been trying to get together amongst others, the story of 3 brothers, 2 of whom died three days apart as a result of 2nd Ypres.

    My sadness it that there is nothing in the family personal to the brothers. No photos, medals, letters etc. In fact as their entire branch of the family died out, they were forgotton. Luckily I have managed to patch together some sense of their history and I hope to get that up in time, so that something of their sacrifice is recorded, other than an entry on cwgc.

    I would encourage others who have anything pertinent to WWI to get working now. I believe that this would be a great resource and a wonderful way of personalising names on lists.


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