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  1. von Poop

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    D proposes folding our 'Unit Documents' heading into 'Unit History'.
    I think she's probably right, again, as the two areas blur so much & people post pretty randomly in either, but wanted to pre-warn before doing it in case anyone can propose a good reason to keep them separate.

    It involves such 'core' areas of the forum I'm treading a tad more carefully than my usual 'yeah, whatever' when the Owen/D real administrator unit propose something that disturbs me from playing Metal Gear Solid & making people angry on Facebook...
    Don't want to frighten any horses.

    Any objections?

    (I'll probably just pour everything into the general Unit History heading in the hope that any passing OCD types with Admin permissions will start sifting things into the right place. :unsure: )

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  2. Tony56

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    Can certainly see that there is a great deal of duplication between the two headings, so , probably yes. I guess that lumping (technical term) 4,038 messages into 90,900 is not too big an impact?
    My only worry is that 'Unit Histories' does what is says on the tin and is nicely split up into the respective units but 'Unit Documents' is pretty much a free for all. Would look forward to those with access 'sifting things into the right place'.
  3. dbf

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    Unit Docs is now empty.

    VP has indulged my OCD-ness and created new subs:
    • Higher Formations a new home for discussion/docs relating to organisation/history at Army, Corps, Division, Brigade, Force, Garrison ... etc, level.

    Re-purposing of old sub-forums:
    • Allied Units - Others is now for Allied Nations which don't already have a sub of their own, e.g. the Free Forces, etc. Half of the threads which were there previously have been moved out (mainly to Brit Army Units) but this is still a work in progress. Hence the ridiculous amount of 'Stickies' temporarily identifying threads which are to remain.
    • At the bottom of the page on the main Unit History heading, there are threads relating to questions/observations about War Diaries - their purpose and so on. This is not an area for requesting WDs; those should still be created under whichever Unit sub is most applicable.
    • North Irish Horse has been moved over from Veteran Accounts and tidied up a bit. Please let me know if you spot any other NIH-related threads elsewhere on the forum which could be moved to there, especially ones started by Gerry.
    Now feel free to ignore all the above and continue to post wherever you please :D
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  4. SDP

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    An observation if I may but related to how I personally access the site. I don't look at any Forums directly but preferring instead to check, normally a base level of once or twice a day, at New Posts. That shows up all new posts under all Forums. Sounds daunting but it's actually very efficient and not that time consuming because it's easy to scroll through the items unlikely to be of personal interest, pick up on the items of real interest but, just as importantly, provide an opportunity to look into 'looks interesting' type topics. That latter category has proved very helpful and, let's face it, the 'Horse Trough' and 'Sartorial elegance' and 'Pith Helmets' threads do have something about them that is quintessentially for 'us and like minded people'.

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