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    I have an RASC unit designation, clear on a unit rubber stamp, which says "47 Coy RASC Inf Bde" Dates are Aug 45 in NWE through to May 46 in Egypt, no other clues.

    Can't find a National Archives document that gells with that particular nomenclature or variations on 47 Company/RASC/Infantry/Brigade. Any ideas gratefully received.

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  3. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    Can help post 8 May 45

    HQ RASC 3 Infantry Division
    47 Company (Infantry Brigade) could have be supporting 9th Infantry Brigade

    The 3rd Infantry Division was command 1st Corps District and left Warendorf east of Münster in Germany on 17 Aug 45 then to Melle in Belgium command 16th Line of Communication Sub Area then on to United Kingdom as strategic reserve 10 Sep 45

    Hope this helps
    21st Army Group later British Army of the Rhine
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    Thanks Tony56 but I think Steve has got it. There was another clue in the man's docs where 3 Infantry Division which I would write as 3 Inf Div has been rendered as 3 Br Div. As it's proper title was 3rd (British) Infantry Division I suppose the clerk can be excused!

    The 21 AG listings don't go down as far as the minor RASC units so which one of the brigades it was supporting may well come out in the CRASC 3 Inf Div diaries which do show a MEF deployment late 45 early 46.

    Thank you - I am on the track!
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    In a 21 Army Group orbat dated May 1944 there are 27 “Coy RASC ( Inf Bde) ( Inf Div)” listed.

    47 Coy is shown as “Allotted to 9 Inf Bde”.

    The War Diary is probably WO 171/6168, 47 Coy., 1945 Jan.-Sept.


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    Missed it! Very useful additional info, thank you.

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