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    Does anyone recognize this uniform? My beautiful mother in law died in 1949 and we have nobody to ask. She did work in a Munitions factory in 1942 when she married, but this looks like a regular army uniform.


    Chris Edwards

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    Thanks for your interest. There seems to be a central stem dropped down from the shoulder badge which does not appear in the ATS photo. I have found another photo which indicates also an insignia above the breast pocket. Is the lanyard of any importance?

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    It is ATS badge see these other examples.
    I just Googled ''ats shoulder badge'' lots to compare.

    The flaming bomb most likely is Royal Artillery (although Royal Engineers had similar badge) , ATS wore a badge of unit they attached to above that pocket.
    see here.


    this page shows different units badges over breast pockets.
    Auxiliary Territorial Service

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    Got it Owen, thanks for your help


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    Well spotted.

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    Hope you don't mind but I did some repair on your photo. (Hope I get the post right).


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