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    I've been trying to find out about my grandmother's uncle's service in the second world war for a while now but haven't had much to go on until we found some photographs of him in uniform a while back. I'm currently in the process of requesting his service records from the MOD thanks to some helpful advice on the WW2FORUM, but thought I'd upload the photos I have here just to see if anyone can identify or recognise the uniform in the meantime.

    His name was Alfred Martin and was from Southampton. He's in the centre in the one in front of that statue and in the group one he is the extreme left, second row from back staring at the camera with a mole on his cheek.

    Thanks in advance,

    Terry IMG-20181123-WA0003.jpg IMG-20181123-WA0002.jpg IMG-20181123-WA0001.jpg
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    Based on the grenade over the stripes and the roundish cap badge - possibly Royal Engineers?
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    Hi again Terry

    As previously mentioned the best way to start answering your questions will be to obtain his service records the link for forms etc is Request records of deceased service personnel these will tell you who he served with, when and where. From those details the picture can be built including sorting out which War Diaires you might need to read/copy.

    Good luck

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