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Discussion in 'Research Material' started by Thundergrunt, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Hello all I have always been a ww2 enthusiast and just recently found this site axis forums and the IWM. Where I am having issues is researching stuff on IWM I have recently found a subject on the 23rd hussars and says there is a picture and the other says a 2min film , but I do not see where to view it. I have listend to an interview so I know my player works, please help. Thanks in advance.
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    Euge, many of the items in the IWM catalogue haven't been digitised yet therefore a physical visit to their research rooms is required.

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    Lee is exactly right. IWM have not quite got their head around modernising their approach to on line availability just yet. 18 months or so ago, they placed a lot of audio recordings given by veterans online, only to take a large majority off again almost immediately. It might be possible to purchase these items from them directly, but I'm guessing that you would need to be sure they are something you definitely require before you decide to that.

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    THanks Gentelmen

    I supposed that might be it. Just wasn't sure because I cause I can listen to the interviews but cannot view a couple videos/film strips.. Also my searches aren't really coming up with what I am looking for for example I typed in 7th Anti Tank Regiment and nothing came up but a whole bunch of other stuff, or 1st Hussars comes up with other stuff, granted I saw some cool 13/18 and 23 hussars stuff for my modeling projects.


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