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    I have the service records of Margaret Elizabeth DENYS-BURTON, born in Dublin, Ireland, 16th March 1921. In 1941 Margaret enlisted in the British Army, in Ballymena, Northern Ireland . She joined the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service).

    Does anyone have any information or insights on the following:

    "Attended 26th Course at ATS NCOs School (August - October 1943)"
    - I know that NCO is Non-Commissioned Officer
    - Margaret was given a B-
    - Any idea of the location of this course?

    "mustered into the trade of SBO Group 'D' Class III"
    - what does SBO stand for and what are the duties/skill set? I think it's to do with Signals, Switch Board Operator, perhaps?

    "Attended No. 42 WOSB (OCTU) ATS" Edinburgh area? (March 1945)
    - I know that WOSB is War Office Selection Board & OCTU is Officer Cadet Training Unit.
    - Any idea of the location of this course?
    - Who would keep records of this course?


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    Thank you for the links. I have in the past corresponded with ATS Remembered and will review their website again. The book looks interesting. db

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