'Uncle Sid', Suffolk Regiment

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    New to this forum and perhaps a bit of a longshot, but after my Grandad recently died i have come to find limited information about an 'Uncle Sid'.

    Nothing concrete appears to be known about his war years. Having served in the Suffolk Regiment from 1922 to 1928 - then three years in the Shanghai Police, before touring the world. He apparently conscientiously objected to WW2 in 1939 and put in Norwich Prison. This is where the trail goes cold as two weeks later my grandad went to visit and apparently a 'Colonel' had arrived and organised his release. No-one knows fully how he spent the next six years? There is talk of him joining a special forces unit, there is also talk of him being in Tobruk, North Africa and Italy towards the end of the war. He was next seen in Tangiers in 1946, and never spoke in any detail of his war years until his death in 1970.

    This may all be fading memories, and admittedly is a mishmash of family memories that may be mixed up, but there is no-one now alive from that generation in my family that can now help.

    It appears Sid was an extremely bright self educated experienced soldier who spoke many languages. It would seem that he would be beneficial to any unit.

    Can anybody throw any light on this at all? or point me in any kind of direction that could help me?? Unfortunately I dont have any D.O.B or Army number to begin a trace?


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