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    I've hit that block where too much is too much. My good lady wants me to 'Get Rid' of my passion as its taking over the house. Does anyone know where I can do this wholesale, not ebay please. I want all the gear to go as one to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have. By gear I mean replica British/US Airborne uniforms and equipment, replica weapons, helmets worn in relevant areas Ie Arnhem, Oosterbeek, Bastogne, St Marie du Mont etc and artefacts I have dug up around europe.
    Sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  2. Robert-w

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    First thoughts are
    1. A museum
    2. The costume department of a film/tv/video company
  3. Dave55

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    Don't you know anyone who might be interested in her?
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    Have you considered divorce as another option? ;)
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    Sorry to hear of your problem - It is something I guess many of us have to face.

    My suggestion is a School!

    Please consider the following
    You talk about a Museum which is fine however have you thought of how much "Stuff" is kept in storage by Museums? Only brought out when some Committee has decided what the subject of exhibits will be for the next number of months.

    Costume Departments have lots of Luvvies who give them loads of stuff. Not to mention the funding.

    My suggestion is a School.
    The Second World War is part of the Education Curriculum.
    I have gived a talk to 10/11 year olds about WW2 and they loved it - They had made pretend Air Raid Shelters and Uniforms as part of a project.
    It also gets the kids interested which is what it is all about.

    This would be my suggestion.

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  6. Robert-w

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    I suspect luvvies who have replica uniforms to give away are rarer than hens teeth.
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