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    Jack Watling, RUSI, has become one of the Uk's experts on the war and on twitter - in a long thread - has tackled:
    He concludes:
    The tweets are all easy to read on: Thread by @Jack_Watling on Thread Reader App
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    Two Twitter threads to peruse:

    1. By a previously unknown author a long thread, their expertise is possibly moot. Opens with:
    Link: Thread by @ChrisO_wiki on Thread Reader App

    2. Another thread by the "Digger" Ret'd general Mick Ryan (cited before a few times). Opens with:
    Link: Thread by @WarintheFuture on Thread Reader App
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    Maybe of interest, it seems more Ukrainian senior officers are being interviewed and then onto Twitter. The intro:
    No need to use twitter, it is on: Thread by @VolodyaTretyak on Thread Reader App
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    All beginnings are difficult
    A1.jpg A2.jpg
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    Something is happening
    The UKrAF has confirmed AGM-88 HARM to, well, harm russian AD. Actual count is 14 destroyed units so far
    This could turn into a very serious problem if the russian AD umbrella gets holes the size of the Ngorongoro Crater...

    which brings me to my second point:

    In temporarily occupied Crimea, an airbase has been badly damaged by what official Russian sources describe as "exploding munitions/refuelling incident".
    However, there is evidence that this "exploding ammunition" came from further away....

    The official announcement from Ukraine on this is REALLY good:
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    What a flog.
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    Indeed. Compared to this, Chernobaivka looks like a child's birthday party.
    One has to wonder what remained intact at all at Saki Air Base.
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    Impressive accident to create multiple craters so far apart.


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    The coastline of Crimea has a real "Dunkirk 1940" look to it.

    Explosion 2.jpg
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    The BBC News report has "before and after" satellite imagery: Ukraine war: Crimea airbase badly damaged, satellite images show Note: these only show a small part of the AFB.

    There is a detailed assessment on: Widespread Destruction Seen After Blasts At Russian Base In Crimea and Novofedorivka – Saki Air base attack satellite imagery – The aftermath

    An American commentary: Explosions at Crimean Airbase Expand the Scope of the Conflict in Ukraine

    Watch now to see if the Russian Air Force suffer a similar accident at Gvardeyskoye airbase 4kms from the Simferopol airport; a Russian Navy Air Force, which in the Cold War had a wing with dozens of TU-22 Backfire long range strike aircraft. It had a few years ago, when it was treated as Ukrainian terrritory, with special basing access to Russia, a superb museum tracking the wing's history from the Civil War.
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    The operation certainly seems to be getting more special by the day.
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