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    The admission recorded on the snippet attached was, as I read it, to Repton E M Hospital (it follows the man's evacuation to UK from a Fd Amb in NWE).

    I find no trace of such an establishment - am I reading it wrongly??

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    There is an airfield not far from Repton - possibly he was flown into the area from NWE.

    There was a hospital in Repton but cant find what the E M might be - it was an Isolation hospital but during times of war perhaps changed its needs for a while
    REPTON ISOLATION HOSPITAL | The National Archives


    Wonder if the E in the name stands for Etwall
    Etwall Hospital - Wikipedia
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    This could be the Essex County Council Claybury Asylum at Woodford Bridge, now converted to a gated housing community called Repton Park.

    There are several sites online for it, but this is the only one I could find that mentions its wartime use:

    During WW2 the Hospital joined the Emergency Medical service (EMS). Four wards - some 570 of its 2,417 beds - were given over to the EMS for wounded servicemen. Most of the patients in Claybury Hall were moved to a ward so that the building could be used for nurse accommodation. (The combination of in-patients and medical and nursing staff meant that about 3,500 people were living on-site.) The operating theatre which had been installed in the 1930s proved inadequate for general surgery, so part of the Hospital building adjacent to the wards was converted into a general hospital-style operating suite. A lift - the first in the Hospital - was installed so that the operating theatre would be accessible to theatre trolleys. During the war two V-2 rockets landed in the Hospital grounds, but there was little damage from High Explosive bombs, incendiary bombs causing more problems. The Emergency War Hospital departed in January 1946 and, in 1948, the Hospital joined the NHS under the control of the Claybury Mental Hospital Management Committee, part of the North East Metropolitan Regional Health Board. It had 2,304 beds.


    Other links with photos:

    Repton Park, formerly Claybury Hospital
    London County Asylum, Claybury
    Claybury Hospital - Wikipedia
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    Now realise Claybury Asylum may be a red herring, as no local place to it called Repton, and it was maybe a developers whim, with the name's origin being that the hospital was built 1888-1893 on the Claybury Hall estate, which had been designed in 1789 by the landscape architect Sir Humphrey Repton.

    Was it usual for wartime EMS sites to be given names as fanciful as the designer of its grounds ? I think not, but happy to be proved wrong.

    ARPCDHG Member

    Agree that the 'E M' probably stands for Emergency Medical (S).
  6. GnrGnr

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    Thank you all. A combination of the suggestions might give Repton (as in isolation hospital) Emergency Medical. The search continues.

  7. Oldman

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    Go to the Repton Village website they have a thriving local history group contact them an see if they can help you
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    Good idea, I looked at their site and other Repton related sites without success but contacting them may indeed yield a result, I'll give it a go. Thank you.

  9. GnrGnr

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    Loose end and in case anyone looks here in the future.

    The local history group (thank you Oldman for the suggestion) were helpful. Although the specific title used in the man's docs didn't ring any bells, there was the Repton Isolation Hospital (records in Derbyshire Record Office) and in addition two or three large houses known to have been used by the military.

    I am content with that. This was a small part of the man's service and sufficient info for the relative. Thank you all for inputs


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