UK Foreign Office File Series FO 939 at Kew

Discussion in 'UK PoW Camps' started by Martin Richards, Dec 17, 2019.

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    I have been going through the FO 939 Camp Inspection files held at Kew and have including some on my website at: UK Foreign Office

    These files are Control Office for Germany and Austria and Foreign Office, German Section: Prisoners of War...

    Does any one know if there was an Equivalent for Italy with the FO or another UK Gov Dept inspecting / repat the Italian Camps ?

    For info I have copied this file index and added my own links and tagged those files i am planning to copy soon...

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    Martin, A big thank you for taking the time and effort to post the Foreign Office records for a number of camps on your Syston Images site. I wish my photography at TNA was as good as yours. Shows the benefit of a good camera, skill and patience. As none of us are able to use TNA for at least a couple of months, after which I suspect there will be a rush, your selfless contribution has certainly benefited some of the generalisations I have been forming in my mind and I wished to prove by example.
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    Thank you.

    I am actually working 3 websites all as part of my Masters Degree in Photography

    The is my own website and in in many ways it is a “Show Working Out” site.

    The pics can be confusing as they are not rated except for those in the Portfolio Catalogues.

    Its worse with the drone stuff – because you are only allowed to fly to 400ft to photo map an area you takes lots of phots and stick them together – anywhere from 6 to 200 !

    My actual MA site is that has my assignments and just the best pics and blogs is at SystonImages

    And finally the end of the MA I have to exhibit my work which should be at PoW Camp 21 Cultybraggan during the summer which should have about 20 of the best images.

    In addition, I am building a formal website at this will have a few pics, notes and bits on each of the conformed sites.

    At the min I am messing around with formats and templates but its out there

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