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    Did a little more searching on my own. When she was code named USS Robin was she crewed by British or American sailors? I love facts like this that I have never heard of before. Still amazed at all Britain and U.S. shared in WW2.
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    Don't think this really answers your question but it's kind of related.

    I read somewhere that H.M.S. Victorious was taken out of service for a re-fit in 1943 and sent to RNAS Arbroath in Scotland after a spell in the Pacific being the only British ship involved at that stage of the war in the Pacific.

    Just can't find my notes of where I read it.

    Regards, Cathy aka noreen
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    After the Battle of Santa Cruz, the US carrier fleet was down to one carrier, USS Saratoga. Hornet, Wasp, Yorktown and Lexington had been sunk and Enterprise was damaged. The British agreed to loan the Victorious to the Pacific fleet until the Essex class started joining the fleet. I assume she was crewed by her English crew, but she operated American Squadrons. She sailed for Pearl Harbor in January 1943 and left the Pacific in September (dates approximate).
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    HMS Victorious, British fleet aircraft carrier, WW2

    November Passage to Gibraltar with HM Aircraft Carrier FORMIDABLE.

    8th Joined Force H and provided air cover during landings (Operation TORCH).

    (Note: Air attacks made at Algiers including Fort Duree.

    Four MARTLET fighters landed on Blida airfield and accepted surrender).

    18th Passage to UK with HMS DUKE OF YORK and HM Destroyer OPPORTUNE to Scapa Flow.

    21st During passage ALBACORE aircraft of 817 Squadron attacked U517 by depth charges

    in position 46.10N 17.08W (WNW Cape Finisterre). Submarine structure was badly

    damaged. 51 of crew were rescued by HMS OPPORTUNE after having scuttled.

    December Nominated for loan service in Pacific with US Navy

    20th Passage to Norfolk, Virginia escorted by HM Destroyers QUICKMATCH, RACEHORSE and REDOUBT.



    1st Independent passage after destroyers detached.

    Taken in hand for refit in Norfolk Navy Yard.


    14th Took passage to Pacific via Panama Canal.

    March Passage in Pacific.

    4th On arrival at Pearl Harbour converted for the operation of US Navy WILDCAT and

    AVENGER aircraft. During this period additional close range armament was fitted including fitting of sponsons outboard of island structure.

    April Under conversion at Pearl Harbour.


    8th Carried out exercises with US aircraft carrier USS SARATOGA and US battleship USS NORTH CAROLINA

    On completion of work-up for service with US Navy took passage to join US Third Fleet Task Group 36.3 for support of US landing operations.

    June Deployed with TG 36.3 to provide defence against attacks by IJN surface warships during landing operations.

    July Carried out first cross-carrier operating procedure with USS SARATOGA.

    August Deployed with USS SARATOGA and TG63-3 to cover landings on New Georgia.

    (Operation CARTWHEEL).

    September Released from loan duty and took passage to return to UK.

    Called at San Diego before transit of Panama Canal.

    October Passage in Atlantic.

    15th Rejoined Home Fleet.

    (Note: During Pacific service, ship's company adopted US Navy working dress.

    This was introduced into RN use for ships of British Pacific Fleet later in 1944 and became standard No 8 uniform in RN after WW2.

    Since 1982 No 8 Rig was replaced after review of current requirements and new uniform provided to improve fire protection and maintenance.)

    November Deployed with Home Fleet for interception duties and operations off Norway.

    December Taken in hand for refit in Liverpool at commercial shipyard.
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    When HMS Victorious arrived in the Pacific she carried US built aircraft but they were flown by British aircrews. It was soon discovered that the British were better at defensive operations and the Americans were superior at offensive ones.

    Consequently, Victorious' Avengers were transferred to the USS Saratoga and most of the Saratoga's Wildcats to Victorious. The Saratoga retained some Wildcats to act as escorts for the Avengers.
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    Thank You all for the good information. I appreciate it. I have read through it all. Victorious was a quality ship with a good crew and a very interesting history. I also never knew that Corsairs actually flew in the ETO. She was the first ship to have them in the Royal navy I believe. Do we have any veterans who served on a Royal Navy Carrier on the forum? If so I would like to read through some of your threads/post. Once again Thanks!
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    A couple of pictures showing Victorious at Ford Island Hawaii during 1943.

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    What a terrific thread. Thank you all. All new to me.
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    Great pictures!
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    read it this orning on our Facebook page.
    Fascinating reading.

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    A very interesting read, Dave. Thank you for posting!
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    Hope you don't mind, Dave. Merged your thread with this one.
    There's a few more. Might be worth dragging them all into one as it's a fascinating story indeed.
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    Sorry about that. Reposting stuff I posted myself less than a year ago. My fan belt is getting looser and looser.
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