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    In 1943 the Allies began using long range aircraft to hunt U-boats in the Atlantic.At first the German strategy was for a U-boat to stay on the surface to fight it out with an aeroplane. On balance this didn’t work in the Germans’ favour. So they soon abandoned the strategy.

    I’m looking for detailed information about this ‘stay up to fight’ period. Can anybody suggest any sources?
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    The translated War Diary German Naval Staff Operations Division is available on the web in PDF. You could down load the volumes for 1943. However they are monthly with sometimes more than one volume per month so its quite a lot of material. Look in archive.org
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    Thanks, chaps. That’s a tremendous response. Should keep me busy.

    I’m interested because I knew a professor at Cambridge who served in Coastal Command and lost a couple of fingers in one of those encounters with a U-boat.
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    The enclosed contains an analysis of why fighting it out on the surface failed. This had not only been employed against aircraft but also isolated escort vessels.
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    That seems a decently wrtten article. From it I get the following understanding:

    Casualties: Atlantic May-June-July 1943
    German U-boats 26 lost; 17 damaged
    British Aircraft (all types) 28 lost; >28 damaged

    Does this seem plausible? Or is there a significant misunderstanding somewhere?

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