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    I am interested in finding information about any U-Boat bases there may have been other than in Europe. In particular I am trying to find information about the use of the Spanish Island of Fernando Po, now known as Bioko, off the coast of French Equitorial Guinea. Can anyone please help with information or point me to possible sources?

    Thank you.
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    No base on the West African Coast, a bit like boats being refuelled in Ireland, rumour.
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    Off memory, U-Boats operating in the Indian Oceon took advantage of Japanese occupied bases.

    In fact when Germany surrendered some surrendered U-Boats were taken over by Japanese crews, but were all in poor condition.

    The Germans used Supply boats until they were all put out of action and then the Milk Cow U-Boats were used to supply the distant U-Boats in order to allow them to remain on station longer.

    Again, when the Milk Cow's were all destroyed it had an effect on the U-Boat's availability to travel long distances.

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    Thank you for replies on this subject. My reason for asking is as follows:
    My father was with 270 Squadron Coastal Command flying Sunderlands out of Apapa in 1944. Their main duties were convoy escort and anti-submarine patrols. His log book shows that the Squadron took a great interest in the island of Fernando Po with references to 'secret reconnaisance' of the island and 'Operation Bokoko' there. I can only assume that it was suspected that the island was being used by u-boats for taking on supplies.
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    I have just stumbled across this. Fascinating. I visited Fernando Po in 1971. Saw the graves and arranged for them to be tidied up.
    My understanding was the Sunderland was shot down by a U Boattied up in Fernando Po harbour. (Then Spanish of course).

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