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  1. Dear WW2 Talk members,

    I am a producer at the TV company Wild Pictures. We are making the second series of the Channel 4 television documentary My Grandparents' War. In each episode, an award-winning actor re-traces the footsteps of their grandparents in World War Two. Our first series aired in 2019 and featured Helena Bonham Carter, Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas and Carey Mulligan. Across the series these actors met families and veterans with a 'shared history', whose wartime experiences related to their own grandparents. Series 1 can be seen online here: My Grandparents' War - Episode Guide - All 4

    It is wonderful to see so many members preserving memories of the war on WW2 Talk. I would really appreciate your input with the following query if possible please.

    I am keen to speak to veterans who served, or people whose close relatives served, in the following boats/naval bases:
    - HMS Osprey
    - HMS Nimrod
    - Motor Anti-Submarine Boat 1 (MASB1)

    We are trying to build a picture of what life was like at these places during the war, so we would like to speak to people willing to share their family memories, or those who may have photos/documents from these bases/boats.

    I look forward to hearing from members who may be able to help with this. I can be contacted via this thread or on

    Many thanks in advance,

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    We do have an excellent search facility on this site that may provide some openings for your research - I have nothing direct for you unfortunately


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