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    Hi,I wonder if anyone could help me please?
    I remember back in the early 1990’s my mum had a WW2 documentary that she recorded on vhs.
    I’m sure it was called 1940,obviously it was in black and white and I know it wasn’t world at war. But I have never seen it since ir heard of it since.
    I’m sure it was shown on one of the bbc channels. Does anyone else remember it or know if I can get a copy anywhere? Many thanks.
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    The war years 1940?
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    There was a documentary titled "1940" broadcast on BBC2 on Monday, 28th May 1990 at 5:10pm. The listing in Radio Times read:

    "The events of a momentous year are recounted in this BBC documentary made 25 years ago. It is written and narrated by the voice of Britain in 1940, J B Priestley. Executive producer Tony Essex, Producer Ed Rollins"

    The Radio Times listing for its original broadcast on BBC2 on Sunday 12 Sept 1965 at 7:25pm gives more detail:

    "A Reminiscence in five parts by J. B. PRIESTLEY
    Prologue written by JOHN TERRAINE
    Narrated by Robert Harris
    PART 1: Into the Unknown
    January-May 10
    PART 2: The Glare and the Shock
    May 10-June 4
    In the Interlude Robert Dougall reads a News Bulletin compiled from those broadcast in the BBC Home Service on June 7-9, 1940
    PART 3: The Dark Horizon
    JunL 4-July 10
    PART 4: The Throbbing Sky July 10-September 6
    PART 5: The Private Victory September 7-December 31
    Producer, ED ROLLINS
    Executive producer, TONY ESSEX"

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    4F4F56D5-BB75-421C-BD42-7DF577BDB933.png That’s it! I remember that opening title. Many thanks for your help. Just a shame it can’t be found on dvd.
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    Anything narrated by J.B. Priestly is worth listening to. Find a copy, someone ! :)

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