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  1. coma241

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    I want to ask.
    what tank model are these rings from?

    thanks in advance

    bigest rings outer diameter 2m , the smallest 1.77m

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  2. von Poop

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    A problem lies in there being quite a variation of how rings are quoted/measured.
    Sometimes listed as crew size, from the interior, sometimes external from engineering specs.
    Not much explanation of how a given ring is quoted when you go digging (as I'm sure you've discovered).
    Could you give us the internal diameters? Might make the search a little tighter.

    If we're lucky, someone who works closely with preserved/serving vehicles or documents will recognise something.

    Big buggers, though.
    First wild stab in the dark might be Centurion or Chieftain, assuming you're in the UK?
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  3. coma241

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    bigest rings internal diameter 1.84m , the smallest 1.64m
  4. coma241

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    I am from the Baltic States
  5. ltdan

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    The Baltic region as a discovery area limits the types that can be considered
    The data varies depending on the source
    I have taken in each case the smallest / largest dimensions given
    (The fact that the rings were built in several parts does not make things easier)
    The following dimensions can therefore only serve as a rough guide

    Mk III 1520/1530mm

    Mk IV 1600/1675mm

    Panther 1630/1680mm

    Tiger 1800/1850mm

    T34/76 1420mm

    T34/85 1570/1600mm
  6. sdkfz

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    I could well be proved wrong, but the production markings seen in img.6359 do not look German? The design/shape of the number 2 and the letter P have a Russian look to them. Therefore I would tentatively suggest it is Soviet, and if those markings are on the larger of the turret rings, then it could be from a Stalin/IS2 with a turret ring radius of 1800mm.
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  7. coma241

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    The markings are on the smaller ring. Smaller ring diameter internal 1.64m outer 1.77m .
  8. coma241

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    in the picture 6361 there is a white stain on the ring.

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