Tunisia / Sidi Nsir "Then & Now"

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    They may well prefer it but I know from experience that if you can prove the quality of your matches they will accept them!
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    We were in discussion at a time but we did not find each other then.
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    Hi Phaethon
    I'm thinking about ordering the 46th diary - did it contain as detailed a report for Hunt's Gap? Let me know.
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    I have just determined that these photos show some of the 25pdr guns after the Sidi N'sir battle. I can't post them here in full size but they should be available from various archives.

    A gun of E troop ;

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and Gun #1 of F troop, which was the only one in the anti-tank role and which knocked out several Panzers. It is, as far as I can determine, only 20 or 30 meters from the road that the German tanks charged along;

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There is even newsreel footage of an E troop gun;


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    Hi David, these pictures are of great interest to me as my late father (at the time Lt J.P.Gelly) was the GPO of E Troop. How could I obtain permission to use one or two of these pictures?
    I have retyped his memoirs from the formation of the 172nd Field Regiment, to the sinking of SS Jean Jadot, the action at Sidi Nsir, where the Germans thought there was another Battery in view of the firepower they received, his internment at Campo 49 - Fontanellato, nr Parma, N.Italy and escape with initially 5 other officers then three to Roccamorice in the mountains south of the Pescara River some 430 miles away. The journey took some 34 days evading Germans all the way. Eventually Dad and his two companions (Ken Heck and Dennis Brett) were saved from certain death in the mountains following a snow storm, by an Italian Farmer who hid the group from the Germans at his home for six weeks. Eventually the trio made it home. Dad went on another officer's course and became a Captain. In 1952 Dad went back to Italy with Ken Heck and revisited the Farmer - Michel Conte and his family, all of whom survived the war.
    I have a copy of a painting showing the battle if your interested. It was originally hung in the RA Museum at Woolwich but now is in the Officers Mess of 19 Battery.
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    I didn't source the photos myself, they came to me through others; but given the watermarks, it seems the "Pallas" and "Associated Press" archives have the photos of the E troop gun, and "Luce" have the newsreel.
    I don't know the ID numbers of the photos, and I don't suppose they will be correctly captioned, so it might take a while to find them. Let me know if you get stuck. Mail me directly.

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    Thanks for that David. Having a bit of trouble up loading a picture of the painting of the battle. Once I've worked out how to do it I'll post it.

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    Hi David,
    I have sourced a picture, thanks for info. I have also opened a thread "Sidi Nsir - 155th/172nd Field Regiment RA" . It includes a summary of the battle from my Father's memoirs and pictures of the painting, 25th Anniversary Dinner and a News paper article.

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    My father was Sgt Henderson,Gun Cmdr of No 1 Gun of F Troop.
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