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Discussion in 'British Army Units - Others' started by ethan, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Hi everyone;

    I'm trying to find out information about GEORGE LONG, who was a Roman Catholic Padre, possibly with the 45th Reconnaissance regiment.

    I believe he went to Haileybury School, and I know that he was serving in India in 1943, I'm pretty sure with 45 Recce. I believe he was on operation Thursday but I'm not sure.

    Apparently (got from some letters of my grandfathers) a few of the officers got together to put a subscription for his grave together when he died in the (judging by the letter) late 70's.

    Not much to go on, but if anyone can find confirm that he was a recce man that would be a good start. the Padre in the officers photo is named as Kingston, so - unless it's an error- it's not him. One of the pic in my gallery is him on leave with my grandpa in India, so I know he was there at some point!

    Many thanks for reading this far,

  2. ethan

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    Thanks to the generous sharing of Info by Eddie Chandler I now know that Captain (Reverend) George L Long was part of 51/69 Regiment Royal artillery, and his number is given as 120426.

    If anyone could help with a date of death or grave location I'd be most pleased.
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    Good old Eddie.


    I found these online, not conclusively your Padre, but date of birth makes him a possible candidate.

    Probate.jpg Passenger list.jpg
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  4. ethan

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    Bamboo- thank you very much, I'm pretty sure that'd be the man.

    I'm going to start calling churches in Co. Down and see if I can find his grave- apparently several of his former comrades clubbed together to pay for it.
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    Hi ethan,

    There were many George Longs listed, but those files were the only mention of Reverend. Good luck with your continued search.

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  7. ethan

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    Many thanks! I'll give them a shout.

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