Trying to Trace a Copy of Distinguished Flying Cross Recommendation/Citation?

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    I'm literally flying by the seat of my pants on this one as I normally have my feet firmly on the ground researching my Dad's army WW2 exploits but it has recently come to my attention that three of my Uncles (two by marriage) served in the RAF during WW2 and one was awarded the DFC.

    I'm familiar with finding medal award recommendations under WO 373 files at the NA but don't seem to be able to trace anything in relation more than a few dozen DFCs and nothing in relation to:

    Edward Richard McHale (1230177 / 440822) R.A.F.V.R. 98 Squadron

    Can anyone help to point me in the direction of the related medal recommendation (assuming they exist and/or are available?).


    Quis Separabit

    P.S. Would also be interested in pointed in direction of anything available in relation to:
    • George Romney Guest (1186144) - think he was in Bomber Command (Lancasters)
    • John Thomas Scanlon - think he was in RAF within intelligence

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  3. Tricky Dicky

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    Flt Sgt - July 1944


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    Thanks for this, the image above (page 3884 of the Gazette 22 August 1944 is a continuation from page 3883 which shows he was awarded the DFC, however, I was wondering whether there were records available of the original recommendation for the award to establish what it was earned for?

    I can trace Army MC, MM etc recommendations relatively easily but can't seem to find any DFC related ones?


    Quis Separabit

  5. Tricky Dicky

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    As you say - cant find a DFC cititation in TNA but they may be held somewhere else - may be contact member RAFCommands or Harry Ree as they are more RAF orientated

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  6. Quis Separabit

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    Thanks - have contacted both.....
  7. alieneyes

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    The recommendations for awards of valour are held in the AIR2 file series at TNA.
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    Checking the British Newspaper Archive, he appears three times

    . SPLENDID WORK AS NAVIGATOR Having been entrusted with most responsible missions in which he never failed. Pilot Officer Edward Richard McHale (aged 31), an old boy of St. Philip’s Grammar School, Birmingham, has been awarded the D.S.O. The citation says that ...
    Birmingham Mail Tuesday 22 August 1944

    near Kidderminster, and late of 6, Moorland Road, Edgbaston, colliery proprietor, left £55,582 gross. Pilot Officer Edward Richard McHale, an old boy of St. Philip’s Grammar School, Birmingham, has been awarded the D.F.C., and not the D. 5.0., as stated ...
    Birmingham Mail 29 August 1944

    . during the series, will be given tomorrow at the Midland Institute at 6.30 p.m. • A Birmingham D.5.0.: Pilot Officer Edward Richard McHale, an old boy of* St. Philip’s Grammar School, Birmingham, has been awarded the D.S.O. The citation says that he did ...
    Birmingham Daily Post 23 August 1944

    I don't have a full sub to this website, but I think you can access it for free at some libraries.

    https://www.britishnewspaperarchive...rd richard mchale&retrievecountrycounts=false
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    The newspaper article making reference to McHale's DFC.

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  10. alieneyes

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    Keeping in mind that not all gallantry awards were for a specific event, here is what Hugh Halliday, the chap who listed all the DFCs on the RAFCommands post sent me:

    McHALE, Edward Richard, P/O (176204, RAFVR*) - No.98 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 22 August 1944. Born 1921 in Birmingham. Educated at St. Philips Grammar School, Birmingham. *Served in the ranks; commissioned 1944. Citation from Air Ministry Bulletin 15185.

    Pilot Officer McHale has completed a lengthy tour of operations during which he has achieved much success. He operated for a considerable period as navigator to one of the flight commanders and later with a deputy flight commander, and as leading navigator in formation attacks he has done splendid work. He has been entrusted with most responsible missions and has never failed in any of his assignments.


  11. Harry Ree

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    As Dave has put it,a recommended tour of duty whereby he has excelled over a period of service.

    An outstanding award of the Victoria Cross to Group Captain Leonard Cheshire,then commander No 617 Squadron from September 1943,was set in similar circumstances and is the only example of the 32 air VCs which was not awarded for a single act of gallantry. After his 100th op against the Mimoyecques long gun site on 6 July 1944,Cheshire was grounded and screened off operations by the AOC No 5 Group Ralph Cochrane. (Other No 617 Squadron personnel pulled off for a rest from operations was the three squadron Flight commanders, McCarthy,Munroe and Shannon)

    Cochrane unknown to Cheshire had recommended Cheshire for the award of the Victoria Cross,.... the citation reading..... "In the four years of fighting against the bitterest of opposition,he maintained a standard of personal achievement and supreme contempt for danger.He displayed the courage and determination of an exceptional leader".
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    Thanks to everyone for such a prompt and thorough response as well a reference/pointers to the wealth of information and links held at - I can see more hours being spent on this new source of information.....

    Does anyone know if " Air Ministry Bulletin 15185" is available online so that a copy of the original citation can be downloaded??


    Quis Separabit
  13. I have never seen AMB's available on line but if you politely email RAF Museum at Hendon they are usually very helpful, these bound volumes are in their archive. Peter
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  14. Quis Separabit

    Quis Separabit Junior Member

    Thanks for the tip Peter, I will give it a go....

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