Trying to research a family member - George Frederick Whitham

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    Trying to look into a family member to see what he did during the war years - can find lots of other information e.g. death, birth, marriage but NOTHING to show what he did during ww2

    Name: George Frederick Whitham
    DOB: 16/07/1913
    DOD: 05/10/2002
    Lived: Norwich. Norfolk
    Married: 09/09/1939 to Gwendoline Verdon Wiggett

    Can anyone perhaps suggest how I can find out what he did during ww2?

  2. 4jonboy

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    Hello and welcome. The first thing you can do is apply for his service records, the MOD in Glasgow is the ONLY place you can get them. They only take a few weeks, not months. Cost 30 pounds and are well worth it.
    Get a copy of military service records

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    Thanks, was hoping to find some clues first before spending money - just in case no record to find
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    Just a thought-If you apply for his marriage certificate, it might possibly state his service number if he joined up at the beginning of the war-he would have been 26 when he married.
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    Careful. MOD Glasgow is for Army Records only. You'll first have to try and establish whether he was RN, Army or RAF or indeed served at all.

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    @ Tim
    Yes that is my issue and why I posted really - as no idea what service he was in if any, but also if none then can't see why as not likely he had a reserved occupation etc
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    Well, what do you have apart from your initial post, photos in uniform, medals, letters etc....
    It'd be unusual for any fit man of Service age NOT to have been in the Armed Forces in some form or other.
    You must know something more about him
    Just how close a relative?
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    One man with the name "George Frederick Whitham" served in the RAF in WWII.

    Service number was 1646307 indicating an enlistment at Cardington sometime between October 1941 and October 1942.

    Whether this is the man you are looking for, I cannot say.


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  9. Tony56

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    Was a baker a reserved occupation?
  10. Darren Rose

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    Thanks Dave - if only I could find DOB for that service number then I could be more certain it was him
  11. alieneyes

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  12. Darren Rose

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    Didn't know he was a baker in first place, so not sure?
  13. Tony56

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    He was on 29/9/1939
    7 Wymer Street, Norwich
    WHITHAM Frederick G / dob July 16 1913 / Married / Baker
    WHITHAM Verdun G (?S) / dob Aug 28 1916 / Married / Shop assistant, multiple stores
    WIGGETT Selina M/ dob July 7 1889 / Single / Charwoman

    Note first names.
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    Thanks Tony - didn't know that - so seems even though we knew him as George Frederick, he was perhaps Frederick George
  15. Tricky Dicky

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    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: George Frederick Whitham
    Death Age: 89
    Birth Date: 16 Jul 1913
    Registration Date: Oct 2002
    Registration district: Norwich
    Inferred County: Norfolk
    Register Number: D35B
    District and Subdistrict: 6391D

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005
    Name: George F Whitham
    Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1939
    Registration district: Norwich
    Inferred County: Norfolk
    Spouse: Gwendoline V Wiggett
    Volume Number: 4b
    Page Number: 533

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1837-1915
    Name: George F Whitham
    Mother's Maiden Name: Bacon
    Registration Year: 1913
    Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
    Registration district: Erpingham
    Parishes for this Registration District: View Ecclesiastical Parishes associated with this Registration District
    Inferred County: Norfolk
    Volume: 4b
    Page: 145


    There are several trees on Ancestry that include him, one of those was created by a Steven Rose - any relation ??
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  16. alieneyes

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    If he was Frederick George, you can rule out the RAF as no one with that combination of names appears to have served. I say "appears" as the finding guide at Kew makes the point that there are gaps in the microfilmed slips.

    Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence: Department of the Air Member for Personnel: Index to Airmen and Airwomen | The National Archives
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  18. 4jonboy

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    If you have his marriage certificate, what does it say his occupation is on 9/9/1939?
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    Thank you all for your help so far, this is very interesting

    Another part of this story would be to work out the father of his wife Gwendoline, as no one knew who her father was, and so far no one can find any records. She was born during WW1 I believe and his mum didn't think much of her as though her illegitimate child, so wonder if perhaps her dad was a solider during WW1 and she was conceived out of wed lock
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