Trying to Pinpoint an Area in Netherlands

Discussion in 'Royal Engineers' started by toki2, May 4, 2014.

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    My father (RASC Tipper) went missing overnight while under command of 246 Field Co. He was working with a platoon mending roads. In the war diary the area named is Oorloo to Kastenraij. B225. Would Oorloo be Overloon? Cannot find anything resembling Kastenraij.

    My father said he took a wrong turning and ended up behind enemy lines. He hid in a forest (or woods) overnight and some German tanks passed by. He made his way back the following day. I am presuming that he had been fetching materials for road mending whether from a quarry or general rubble dump.

    This took place on 2nd/ 3rd December 1944 and I am wondering how near the above named places were to the German lines and what forests / woods are in the area.
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    Thanks Owen but the info I got was from the War Diaries in this forum. I have also read Sappers great accounts but I think he was out of action by 2nd December. I have noticed that the spelling of some places in war diaries does not relate to names on a map!
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    Will give that a try.
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    Kastenraij should read: Castenray

    Oorloo: Berlo ??
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    Thank you everyone. I would never have found the area without your help. I was just talking to my elder brother (who has a better memory than I but don't tell him I said that !) and he says that my father was on his own in the tipper and it was an orchard that he hid in. Well, I knew it was something to do with trees!

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