Trying to follow my dads war from Egypt to Germany in photos & War Diaries.

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    Hi to all,
    I'm trying to follow my late dads war from 1939 to 1946.
    He was in the R.A.M.C. No cr II. The first part of his war after leavening Crookham Camp he was posted 14/2/1940 to 30 Coy Imtarfa Malta and then posted 22/8/1941 to 90 General Hospital Malta. Until being posted to Egypt 14/4/1943 The War over Malta is well documented.

    From there His Service records are a bit sketchy so I'm trying to find photos and documents of ware the following General Hospital ware located etc. etc. all I have is as follows:-

    Posted to 4 General Hospital ship. 17/10/1943
    posted to 6 General Hospital Egypt. 1/12/1943
    15/12/1943 posted with 6 General Hospital to unknown destination. ( found out his destination was UK Llandeilo (Dynevor Castle)). 1/7/1944 to 7/6/1944.
    6 General Hospital Bayeux 7/6/1944 to 8/6/1944.
    6 General Hospital Rouen 8/61944 to --/12/1944.
    6 General Hospital Oestacker Nr Ghent Belgen --/12/1944 to --/6/1945.
    6 General Hospital Iserlohn (Germany) --/6/1945 to 31/12/1946
    Demobbed back to England
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    Hi Big Allen,

    Hospitals WW2 - Scarlet Finders
    Locations of British General Hospitals during WW2
    Taken from documents held at The National Archives: WO222/1568


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