Truck identity pls - possibly RAF in North Africa

Discussion in 'Vehicle Names and Census Numbers' started by seaburn, Nov 27, 2014.

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    Apologies if this is in the incorrect thread - please feel free to move. I am looking for any info on this truck for a family member who is looking for insights into the service of her great uncle - I have been told that this is possibly an RAF vehicle 4x2 Chevrolet longnose - can anyone confirm that and add any more detail from the numbers on the front.


    unidentifed vehicle.JPG
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    Yes. An early Canadian built Chevrolet Model 1543, 3ton 4 X 2. And yes as far as I know only the RAF used this model. This one has had the cab roof cut off and replaced with canvas. The numbers are those used in India. It could however be a vehicle from India serving in the Far East or Middle East.

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    Much appreciated Mike -I'll pass it on !

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