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    I am hoping someone can help me in locating the name of a troopship and when it sailed. I have been researching someon who returned from Bombay in November 1944. I have been told that she left on a ship from Liverpool on a ship called Il ? with a captain who was an old sea dog and didn't like sailing in convoy and stayed on a stoppong point in the North Med near Italy and then through the Suez Canel and onto Bombay alone. I assumed it was the Ile De France but now I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hmmmmm - a bit confused - she arrived from Bombay but also left Liverpool ???? - have we any more details of either your subject or the ship

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    It sounds to me like the ship had just come from Liverpool to India, or it was a ship registered at Liverpool.
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    like I said - confused :wacko:

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    Alibaba, Like the others I am confused; are you looking for a ship that sailed from Bombay in November 1944, or an earlier ship from Liverpool to Bombay? If it was the latter it would have probably been before July 1940 or after the Brits had regained control of the Med. Incidentally even 'old sea dogs' had to take orders about convoying, whether they liked it or not!

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