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    The Tank Museum is seeking imagery of Trooper Sidney Parker of the 1st Royal Tank Regiment. Parker served in the North African campaign and was killed in action 18.04.41, aged 17. His tank commander, Bert Rendell later recorded the events of that day in a post-war memoir,

    During an early attack in the siege of Tobruk, I lost my driver. The following day a new lad was found for me. I took a liking to the lad - his name was `Piggy' Parker. He was a joker and, having found out that I knew a bit about boxing, any spare time we had as a crew, he never failed to challenge me by "Stick them up, Sarge, if you like to stand a chance!" This sense of fun was very infectious to us all. He was with me two months. If I had been on my toes, I might have realised that because of the sandstorm blowing, he may, like me, have partially opened his visor; but it never crossed my mind. We were in the thick of it with things when suddenly the tank stopped. I asked him what was wrong but there was no reply. I shouted again, but no reply. At the time it was very noisy and bullets were tapping on the sides. I jumped down and ran to the front of the tank and saw there was no hope. This lovely lad had been sniped. He must have known nothing about it. Gunfire was all around but there was no other way than to drag him out - a most difficult task - and lay him away from the tank; then jump in and reverse out of range.

    For over 50 years this boy bothers me. Sometimes I wake up and it has happened this very night. In the last ten years there has been no improvement. If I had the strength and the power of Our Lord, I would walk to his grave; then my troubles would be over.”

    Bert Rendell and Sidney Parker’s story will feature in a new Second World War exhibition opening in 2020. We know Sidney hailed from Ramsgate, Kent and was the son of Albert and Emily Parker but hold no photographs. If you can provide any assistance in this matter, please contact: or 01929 405096 ext 207

    Thank you.

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    Good luck-All I have is a copy of the original regimental diary for 1941 which I assume the museum already have.
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    Just found this newspaper article about Pte SR Parker 1 RTR who died on 18 Apr 41. Interestingly, his age in the article is 22 years old whilst his headstone has him at 17 years old.



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    Name: Sidney Robert Parker
    Age: 17
    Birth Date: abt 1924
    Death Date: 18 Apr 1941
    Cemetery: Tobruk War Cemetery
    Burial Country: Libya
    Father: Albert Edwin Parker
    Mother: Emily Isabella Parker
    Regimental Number: 7887268
    Region or Memorial: Libya

    Unfortunately there are no family trees on Ancestry where there might have been a photograph

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    Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 08.56.57.png
    Thanet Advertiser 20th May 1941
    Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 09.04.21.png
    Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 09.03.19.png
    Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 09.21.09.png
    Abert Edwin PARKER married Emily Isabella DUNN registered Thanet, Kent 2Q 1903

    All PARKER births registered in Thanet, mother DUNN

    Percy E. born 5.11.1903
    Albert William 2Q 1905
    Clifford Stephen 3Q 1906
    George F. 3Q 1911
    Ernest G. 2Q 1913
    Walter J. 2Q 1916
    Sidney R. 1Q 1919
    Horace S. 1Q 1923
    Possibly :
    Elizabeth Dunn Parker born 20.9.1915

    First name(s) SIDNEY R
    Last name
    Birth year
    Birth quarter
    Registration month -
    Mother's maiden name Dunn
    District Thanet
    County Kent
    Country England
    Volume 2A
    Page 1394
    Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 09.26.46.png
    Pte. Sidney Robert Parker 1Q 1919 - 18th April 1941 Age 22?
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    Another brother killed in action :
    6412167 Lance Corporal Horace Stanley PARKER 2nd Battalion Hampshire Regiment
    1923 - killed in action 24th September 1943 Salerno, Italy age 20
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