Trooper George Biffin, 1 SAS

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    Hello hellyhansen and wtid45
    I came across this thread while googling some family members. Frank Gleeson was a relative and I'd be interested to hear from you hellyhansen. I've also found this thread where he's mentioned and pictured on page 2 (you may already have seen this!) 6th Airborne Division - Prisoners of War
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    There have been discussions about George Biffin SAS. He and about 50 others joined SAS from Auxiliary Units.
    The attached document explains how they were recruited into SAS. It lists the names of them. There are some 16 names of men that may have joined SAS. Can anyone confirm enlistment?

    Thank you

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    Took me a while to dig this one out, George Biffin's story from The Mars and Minerva from some years back (with apologies for the upload quality, either the scanner or my eyes need a good clean)

    Hopefully this will answer a few questions for folks that have contributed to this thread.

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    Many thanks Jim - Very useful and interesting

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