Tri-colour cords on a bugle.

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    Hello Group.
    Not posted for some time, but was told that there is a chance to try and find more about this bugle.....
    Was told that the colours on the cord, may be link to a regiment.?
    94B2AFC9-58BD-4E3F-ABF6-9D6ABA6559CC.jpeg 94B2AFC9-58BD-4E3F-ABF6-9D6ABA6559CC.jpeg
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    There are different colour cords for some units such as rifles and light infantry but the standard colour for army and marine buglers is blue, scarlet and yellow. I am afraid that does not narrow it down much.

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    Agreed. I have one of those as well. RA cap badge soldered onto it. Camden Lock Market probably turned out by some Asian workshop specialising in fake militaria.
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