Trevor Blaker - 20th Battn, 2NZEF, Last Minqar Qaim Veteran

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    Here is a video interview I did with 100 (now 101) year old veteran Tauranga, New Zealand, veteran Trevor Blaker.

    Trevor served in the New Zealand Army in New Zealand and Fiji before heading to Egypt to join the 20th Infantry Battalion. He took part in Operation Crusader is is thought to be the last living survivor of the New Zealand Division who were involved in the famous "Break out" at Minqar Qaim. They had been surrounded by the German and Italian forces, were trapped and had run out of ammunition. So they took to the bayonet and charged their way through the Germans to reach their own trucks on the other side of the line. Trevor tells this story in fascinating and gruesome detail. He later became a POW in Italy.

    Make sure HD is on when you view it.

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