Translation required of German Air Force reconnaissance report April 1940

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    I have been using google translate to translate a German Air Force reconnaissance report from 10 April 1940. However I have got stuck with a couple of phrases which don't make sense. I would appreciate some help from our German speaking members.

    I have attached the full report for reference and noted below the section I am interested in, together with the google translation. I have underlined the sentences which require retranslation.

    b) 1. (F)/122 mit 2 Flugzeugen zur Aufklarung in Raum Drontheim - Bergen gestartet.


    Westl. Bergen um 09.15 Uhr 1 Kruezer, 1 Zerstorer, 2 Begleitschiffe, 80 Handlesschiffe und 12 Seeflugzeuge. Keine Truppen und keine Kampfhandlungen an land festgestellt. In den Scharen geringer Handelsverkehr. Keine feindl. Seestreitkraft gesichtet.

    Translation reads:
    b) 1. (F) / 122 started with 2 aircraft for reconnaissance in the Trondheim - Bergen area.


    West of Bergen at 9:15 a.m. 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer, 2 escort ships, 80 merchant ships and 12 seaplanes. No troops and no combat operations found on land. There is little trade in the crowd. No hostile Naval force sighted.

    I think this report refers to convoy HN25 which comprised 4 destroyers: British Destroyer HMS Tartar (F43) 3 Polish Destroyers: ORP Blyskawica (H34) and her sister ship ORP Grom (H71) and ORP Burza (H73) together with 40 merchant ships, 10 British and 30 neutral. Convoy HN25 escaped Norwegian waters during the invasion of Norway on 9 April 1940. My grandfather was an able seaman on board one of the merchant ships - SS Glen Tilt (O.N.134723).

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    In den Schären geringer Handelsverkehr : Minor merchant traffic in the skerries
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    Many thanks Itdan, for your translation.

    I am assuming the reference to "Skerries" is the island fringe of the Norwegian coastline.
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    Here you are:
    Skerry - Wikipedia

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    In addition to Stefan´s post:
    1. (F)/AGr 122 was equipped with He 111 and stationed at Münster-Handorf Aerodrome
    coat of arms
    This is all I can contribute
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