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    Hi Everyone, I have been contacted by some very kind people from the village of Valkenswaard, Netherlands who have adopted some graves from the CWGC Graveyard. I was so touched and they sent me photographs of the 2 Graves, one was from the War Memorial I am researching and I was able to send them information on him. Then they sent me a Newspaper article with a photograph and I would love to know what the newspaper article said. I am touched at the Service that was performed there, by the looks of the photograph. I do not have any idea if the person who is corresponding is young/old/male or female and would so like to be able to "talk" to them without upsetting them.
    Can anyone translate it for me please, I thought it was worth trying on this Forum, as you are all so knowledgeable. Kindest regards, Mavis Williams

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    Try Google translate - I use it all the time.
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    Mavis will ask a forum member to help via pm
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    Thank you both, I did think of Google, but thought that you could only put a few words in at a time and I might lose something in my translation. Thanks again, Mavis
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    I also have friends who live in Valkenswaard - if you need more

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    A little knowledge and a little guesswork.

    Like many other places in the Netherlands it was quiet at 20.00 on 4 May. Both on the Resistance Fighters Square and at the British Cemetery impressive sounds were heard. On each of the 222 graves in the British Cemetery flower wreaths were placed by members of the Scouts and moving speeches were made. Before this there was a parade, flags were flown and the Dutch and British National Anthems were sung.

    Grammar and syntax is probably all wrong but:

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  7. Mavis Williams

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    Thank you so much TD and Mike. I will contact you TD as I don't want to put names on the Forum, but you may be able to clarify. Mike, I am so impressed by the fact that the people of Valenswaard would go to so much trouble for these soldiers, so thanks for the description of what happened on the 4th May. Much appreciated. Mavis
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    Not only the people of Valkenswaard but all the Dutch

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    Its the "Nationale Dodenherdenking", or National Remembrance Day for the WW2 dead (and those fallen in postwar conflicts ...), which is held each year on the 4th of May in Holland.

    People through the whole country gather at monuments and cemeteries and at 20:00 o'clock a nation wide two minute silence is observed.

    Traditionally the ceremony at the national War Memorial at "De Dam" in Amsterdam is attended by the King & Queen of Holland.

    See also:

    I had the privilege to participate in the silent walk to the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery on May 4th a couple of years ago with DYRCH and Canuck. A very moving event.
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    I think it is very commendable that the Dutch continue to Remember year on year.
  11. Mavis Williams

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    Thank you stolpi for this, I am learning all the time, and so lovely that these ceremonies happen, we must always remember. Kindest regards, Mavis

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