Transfer into 78 Squadron from 'Holme'?

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    Understood, the other individual would have been the RG, F/Sgt Joe Le Blanc RCAF

    This is an image of the memorials close to the crash site, with the "X" marking the actual crash site location

    More images to follow . . .
    Crash Site.JPG
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    The information board adjacent to the memorial is bi-lingual in Dutch & English (on either side) - this is English version . . .

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    A 78 Sqn Merlin returning to a improvised HLS after conducting a flypast of 78 Sqn Halifax LV905 EY-W's crash site at Hank, the Netherlands on 16/10/2010

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    Following the recovery of the missing crew and the remaining aircraft wreckage, one engine and propeller unit was donated to a local Dutch Museum. A second propeller was incorporated into the memorial close to the crash site. The remains of the SI Engine were donated to the RAC (Real Aeroplane Company) at Breighton from where LV905 EY-W had departed on it's last flight. The SI Engine now forms part of a memorial to the crew of LV905 EY-W and all other airmen who lost their lives operating from Breighton during WWII as members of either 460 (RAAF) Sqn or 78 Sqn . . .

    EY Breighton 4.JPG
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    The propeller from the SI Engine (now back at Breighton) was donated back to 78 Sqn by the ARU (Aircraft Recovery Unit) of the RNLAF, based at Woensdrecht Air Base, the Netherlands. When collected, it was discovered to be still leaking oil - despite all the years in the ground. As a homage to it's service in 4 Gp Bomber Command, the propeller formed the centre piece to the 78 Sqn Memorial, mounted on a three tonne block of Yorkstone airlifted out of a quarry on the outskirts of Halifax . . .

    OX Benson 1.jpg OX Benson 2.jpg OX Benson 3.jpg OX Benson 4.jpg

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    On 01/11/11, 78 Sqn celebrated its 95th Anniversary and an aircraft could receive temporary special markings noting it was mandatory that Tiger Stripes featured as a homage to Tiger in the Sqn Badge. There was no real plan of how else to decorate it, so the most obvious solution was to include the markings of the aircraft featured in the Sqn Memorial

    As a result and for a very short time, a 78 Sqn Merlin carried the wartime codes of 78 Sqn Halifax LV905 EY-W . . .

    HPIM5154 - Copy.JPG

    HPIM5156 - Copy.JPG
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    Finally at Breighton, one of the members of the RAC also paid tribute to the crew of LV905 EY-W in the shape of a hand built RCM Halifax that had the ability to drop poppies at their annual RD service

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    Nearly forgot!!

    Not long after the 95th Anniversary, a well known company produced a 1/48 scale kit of the Merlin, including several finished colour scheme options for both 28 Sqn, 78 Sqn and Op Herrick / Op Telic. It also included the anniversary markings as well

    So apologies if this thread is now slightly off track, but the crew of Halifax LV905 EY-W including Sgt "Tex" Butler are still remembered

    Nemo Non Paratus - Nobody Unprepared (78 Sqn Motto)

    Airfix 78 1.jpg

    Airfix 78 2.jpg
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    Thank you for the wealth of information Tony! I really appreciate it!
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    Delighted and honoured to be of assistance. More is available if required/interested ?

    Tex is also directly remembered at the IBCC, Lincoln as per the attached link (as are the rest of the crew)

    Butler G - International Bomber Command Centre

    They are also indirectly remembered on the 78 Sqn Memorials at Bubwith Church

    Bubwith 1.jpg
    Bubwith 2.jpg

    Bubwith 3.jpg

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